Praise be to Allah who has created men and Jin
Glory be to He who created them mainly for Deen,
Sent down prophets and messengers, Muhammad, being the last Prophet
The Deen Pro who vet and signed before he left.
Did he not show us all
The best example to all creations

Shall I show you of something
From what he had told us
Of the counterpart-being with which we live on earth.
The evil of the Jin – Shaytan. The leader of them is Iblis, who has five among his descendants for his evil missions.

Shall I tell you of the First, who is in charge of making Zina a Zeenah for man till he adorns himself with it.
Those who hit themselves and rip off their clothes, cry and roll on the ground while vain and ignorant words ward off their mouths when calamities befall them,
Those are ordered by the Second

So you see the Third,
He makes that liar you see, say every thing and scenes that never are till he sins against Allah.
The fourth of them dwells in every market, bearing his flags in them like a conquerer at a battle field.

None of these do the gravest of evils most beloved to Iblis.
Each day they report to him what they have done
The Fifth will forever be his favourite egg on earth.

He is who enters a house with a man when he enters his house without a teslim.
He dines with him when he forgets his basmallah
He causes hatred between men and wives
Till these apples rift and go their separate ways.

Every half of an apple is never a perfect shape.
But each half still has smooth skin for its imperfections.
Rots, dots and bruise don’t amuse,
The half of the fruit that eats more divine feeds
Gets favoured with lesser defects.
Even though will still forever be imperfect.

As for the other half, and even both,
Will always need the mercies of Ar-rahman
Learn to stay safe from the sons of Iblis
Even if it takes you to give congrats to the fifth Jin
You need to take that walk away to save your Deen.


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