Author: Abdullah Al-junayd

Know Islam, Know Paradise

The Five Pillars of Islam

Allah is One and like no one, He has no partner, nor a son, He is Kind, Just and Wise, And has no form, shape or size.   His final Messenger to all of us, Did so much without a fuss. Muhammad is his blessed name, A mercy to the worlds he came.   Five…
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The true and genuine religion from God

The True and Genuine Religion of God. Part 1 By Abdullah Al- junayd ibn Ogungbemi Each person is born in a circumstance which is not of his own choosing. The religion of his family or the ideology of the state is thrusted upon him from the very beginning of his existence in this world. By…
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Bin Salman’s Israel remarks’ timing ‘absolutely worst ever

Commenting on the Saudi crown prince’s latest interview in which he asserts, in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, that “each people” have “a right to live in their peaceful nation”, Al Jazeera’s Senior Political Analyst Marwan Bishara says such statements are not new per se. But according to Bishara, what is more important is the timing…
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Trump: Saudis need to pay if they want US troops to stay in Syria

US President Donald Trump has said that Saudi Arabia might have to pay if it wants continuing US presence in Syria. “We’ve almost completed that task [of defeating ISIL] and we’ll be making a determination very quickly, in coordination with others in the area, as to what we’ll do,” said Trump on Tuesday during a White…
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Leaders of turkey,Russia and Iran to discuss Syrian crisis in Ankara

Turkey will host a trilateral meeting on the Syrian crisis between the presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran on Wednesday amid significant developments happening on the ground in the seven-year civil war . Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Ankara on Tuesday, followed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the evening, as the leaders meet…
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No evidence that any Palestinians seriously threatened Israeli soldiers in Gaza protests, Human Rights Watch says. Human Rights Watch Israel Middle East Gaza Palestinian protesters carry an injured Palestinian youth during demonstrations along the border with Israel, east of Gaza City on April 1st [Hosam Salem/Al Jazeera] The Israeli army’s killing of more than a…
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