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About Us

This is platform where Da’wah minded Muslims have devoted everything in their capacity to seeking and spreading the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.


Our Mission

An individual, faith or religion that does not tell his/her/its story would have the story told by another. In an attempt to TELLING THE MUSLIM STORY


Our Vision

A world where all Muslims have no iota of inferiority complex. A world where Muslims are enlightened enough to stand up for the Deen.


What we Offer

The way Muslims are being downplayed in the world today is worrisome. We are not just called terrorists, Islamophobia is on the rise with lots of lies



In this section, visitors can raise a topic on things going on in the world, then seek the opinions of others. It allows people cast their opinions, air their views and take sides on different topics.

In the world today, we have many writers especially from the west that write lots of lies against Islam. This is done in order to deceive the lukewarm Muslims. Writing against Allah and His messenger is what they are occupied with and we deem it fit that lies like these shouldn’t go unrefuted.


This section contains articles on Islam, Christianity and other world religions, philosophy, and the world at large. Islam as a religion has suffered from propaganda. Islam is being misunderstood and Islamophobia is at its climax given how the media portrays Islam. Hence, a need to properly address this menace. 
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Misgoded reading continued

Click here for previous session       Pope Gregory IX instituted the Papal Inquisition in 1231, but couldn’t stomach the sin of torture. It took twenty years for a pope to shoulder the responsibility and, in the height of irony, that pontiff took the name of Pope Innocent (cough­cough) IV. In 1252 he authorized torture with the papal bull Ad[…]

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October 23, 2017 0

At-Tauhid reading continued

Click here for previous session     (Love for Allah)    Allah the Most Exalted said: “And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allah as rivals[…]

353 total views, 112 views today

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October 23, 2017 0

The shield

  My eyeballs capture many sheilas everyday Ranging from the dark to the fair Ranging from the slim to the fat But there is this one I’ve never seen All[…]

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October 23, 2017 0

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