One phenomenon that has and still keeps straying a lot of Muslims today is to lay claim to the self-glorified phrase: ‘liberal Muslim’. This is not only alien to Islam; it is an effrontery against the supremacy of the Owner of the religion, Allah. One is either an obedient or a disobedient Muslim. Liberality or liberalism is a reflection of the latter.

الاسلام هو الاستسلام لله..
Islam is the total, absolute and complete submission and adherence to the will of Allah, as enshrined in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and as practised by the pious predecessors. So if Islam were about full submission, how then could its adherents lay claim to liberality – halfway submission?

Liberality is the act of doing something, or carrying out an obligation as one so wishes, irrespective of modalities or templates. Liberality is about selective adherence to orders or instructions – doing some, leaving some undone. One may decide to be liberal on personal endeavours, not as regards religion.

With the above description, it shows that whoever claims to be liberal is, undoubtedly, a disobedient Muslim. And if such a carefree servant isn’t so careful, he may fall into disbelief. That is more dangerous!

Carry out Islamic obligations to the peak of your ability. Pray to Allah to make others easy for you. When you hear anything quoted from the Qur’an or the Sunnah, whether you can do it or not, accept it as a divine message.

Sanni Kay. Yusuf


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