They are colossal men; legends who were contemporaneous with the prophet,

_Rijal and Nisa’ hawla Rosul._

They bury their feet on the Prophet’s trail
valour sinks in their hearts as they turn their naked chests to the
Prophet’s shield.

Therein is the warrior
and wielder, Khalid bin Waleed.
Woman fighter, Nusaybah Bint ka’ab.
Summayah, the martyr, who fed her soul to her oat on tawheed.

there’s the untamed one whose soul was swallowed in matyrdom:
Hamzah ibn Abdul muttalib,
the divine lion whose anger has always been for Allah,
left indelible marks on the sand of time.

When jahilliyah was the brightest star,
The young Mus’ab Ibn Umayr lit the Noor of pristine Islam for a new dawn to begin,
& birthed the ambassadorial crew.

They soared high,
exalted and ennobled souls who exerted for the sake of their Lord.
Fought for Islam
never hid their sword
and are keen on deen,
They’re heralds and sincere believers.

With hands macerated in
they metamorphosed into crystals,
kowtowed in repentance whilst purifying their soul in the light of Imān.

Regrets eat up their lung once the memories of ignorance sneak up on them like thieves
in the dark.
Their deeds became fruits of sincerity,
a symbol of Al-Fāruq.

*Ejika & Pen Talks*


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