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…Telling the Muslim story


Established in 2016, The KnowIslam Project is an international Islamic Organization solely for Islamic Affairs. Its Da’wah-minded volunteers strive daily in propagating Islam and most importantly, correcting the many misleading broadcast contents about the Deen around the world. We serve as a voice for Islam and Muslims by joining in Hijab struggles, giving reports of oppressions against Muslims all over the world, telling the Muslim story in a proper way that the mainstream media will not. 

Our website, Knowislam.com.ng (Know Islam on the Google Playstore) is home to the largest collection of Islamic contents on ‘Aqeedah, Comparative Religion, Islamic Poetry, Da’wah Kit, and news reports on Islam. We act as checks and balances for the Islamophobes, Evangelists, Christian apologists, Atheists, Freethinkers, and agnostics who are ever ready to attack Islam. Our rebuttal and comparative religion section is the right place for anyone looking for explanations to acclaimed contradictions of the Qur’an, misinterpreted Hadeeth and Qur’an verses.

We also provide support to Reverts to Islam as well Muslims in dire need through our various fundraising campaigns.




The Knowislam is passionate about the affairs of reverts to the deen. Over the years, we have responded to different reverts’ challenges.


  • The Psychological Challenge


Being a revert can be psychologically disturbing. Life after reversion cannot be separated from rejection, dismissal, and disassociation. There are records of reverts who have been disowned and rejected by their friends and family on account of their reversion. These reverts who have become strangers amongst their own people need a family (a sense of belonging)

How We Have Responded

The KnowIslam team had been working tirelessly to address the psychological challenge facing reverts. The team, consisting of a reasonable number of reverts, has a proper understanding of the psychological challenge reverts encounter. At present, we organize “Host a revert this ‘Eid” every year. We collect contact information of willing hosts and reverts willing to be hosted then connect them. This is to see that no one celebrates ‘Eid with the spirit of loneliness.

  • Financial Challenge


The financial challenge is the most common amongst reverts, especially in Africa. Students in higher institutions are being disowned by their parents, who stop paying their tuition fees and most times, stop their feeding allowances as well. Pastors, Bishops, and Evangelists who live on the Church are faced with a greater challenge when they find the truth in Islam and decide to embrace this path of bliss. They are threatened, dishonoured, and kicked out of the accommodation provided with Church funds. Wives are also being divorced by their husbands following their reversion while some are sacked by their Islamophobic employers.


How We Have Responded

Over the years, we have provided financial assistance to hundreds of reverts. These supports cover medical, educational, and accommodation expenses. We have been able to do these by publicly raising funds on social media and our website, knowislam.com.ng.


  • Spiritual Challenge


Reverts to Islam encounter challenges regarding the fulfillment of certain spiritual aspects of Islam. This is so, because, they are coming from religions and/or cultures that may differ from that of the religion of Islam. A Christian or Hindu who reverts to Islam may not be used to waking up as early as 5:30 AM – 6 AM to observe the Fajr Salah. Completing the observance of the five daily salah may be difficult. Also, to observe Salah, verses of the Qur’an must be recited in Arabic. A new revert would then need to learn the Arabic Language. Even if the revert is an Arab, he or she still needs to memorize certain portions of the Qur’an

How We Have Responded

In an attempt to tackle the spiritual challenge reverts encounter, we have been receiving books explaining different aspects of Islam from different organizations. These books are being given to the new reverts to enable them to have an understanding of the deen. We also enroll reverts in Madrasah willing to accept them. Consequently, they learn Arabic, memorize the Qur’an and acquire knowledge regarding their faith; al-Islam. 


The KnowIslam project is on a course to promoting and protecting Islamic heritage through the documentation of the life of aged Muslims who had contributed positively to the growth of Islam in their communities but very little is heard of them. In 2018, the team produced a documentary on the life of Alhaji Tijani Massa who was the oldest living man in Saki, Oyo State at the time of the documentary. We are on a mission to produce more documentaries to preserve Islamic heritage as well as being a source of motivation for Muslim youths aspiring to stand up for the deen.


Portraying the religion of Islam from the right perspective is the primary objective of the KnowIslam Project. In serving as a voice for Islam, our team strive daily to report news on Islam contrary to what is obtainable in mainstream media; we also raise and join campaigns in standing up for the rights of Muslims.


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