With you is my heart,

Dear father in Burma,

With you is my prayers,

Dear sister in Burma.

Please be firm in this trying time.

Never loose hope in faith,

For the promise of your Lord is neigh!

And victory is abound.

Despair not and hold unto the rope of faith.

Look forward to the day your prosecutors will be dragged,

Face down! Into where they belong.

Find succor in it even when u are about to be persecuted.

For your Lord is not unjust!

Be well, brother, and pass through this moments with patience.

Beautiful patience along with fervent prayers.

And soon, I mean soon enough,

The Lord of the worlds will harken to our prayers,

And return peace to OUR BURMA.
Be well brethren.



…..~aaminah~….. @knowislam.com.ng


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