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Know Islam, Know Paradise

Of Islam and Fundamentalism By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Fundamentalist? A brother called those who opposed his idea of going to the Masjid and participating in Masquerade festivals fundamentalists. What does it mean to be a fundamentalist? Today, when people accuse someone of being a fundamentalist, they either mean an extremist or own who takes religion seriously. Anyone conscious Muslim should be proud if…
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October 22, 2018 0

Sectionalization and Regionalization are as Evil as Hypocrisy – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Firstly,  let me point out that this article is not an attack on any individual, organization, Religion and tribe. When issues that should be seen as a general problem are shifted or blamed on a particular group of people, Religion, ethnic or tribe, overcoming such issues would be close to being impossible. Let me quickly…
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October 19, 2018 0

Re: Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi and the Origin of Religions By: Imam Ridwan Jamiu

  Recently, a BBC video interview with Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife went viral on the social media. His Royal Highness pontificated in the interview that Yorubaland was the origin of Islam and Catholicism. He claimed, among others, that Oodua or Oduduwa was the founder of the major religions: Islam and Christianity.…
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October 19, 2018 0

Islam and the Present Day Kuffar System By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

One major ‘sin’ of Islam against the present day Kuffar system is that it refuses to mix though it meets with the system. Unlike the church where stadiums replaced churches, entertainment replaced praise and worship, the Muslims have refused to be ‘civilized’ Islam still holds on to polygyny, no charging of interests, frowns at Alcohol…
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October 19, 2018 0

Introducing The Reverts’ Waqf Initiative – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Few days ago, I discussed with Brother Ijaz Ahmad and Ustaadh Kabir Al-asfar (separately) about a revert brother who apostates once or twice each year for the past six years. We agreed that it is a Psycho-Spiritual issue and sought Allah’s guidance for him and us.   In an attempt to properly address Reverts’ Challenges,…
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October 13, 2018 0

Today is Sunday, Let us talk Praise, Worship and Dance Steps – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

When the Pastor said, “In Jesus’ name we have worshipped”, I reflected for some seconds then remembered a discussion I had with a sister looking into Christianity some weeks ago. According to the sister, she can praise and worship God however she wants without anyone teaching her unlike Islam where you have to learn this…
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September 30, 2018 0


MUSLIM GIRLS FROM ISOLO SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL SUSPENDED FOR WEARING HIJAB No fewer than 5 girls including the Assistant Head girl were given letter of suspension for wearing Hijab in school. The new principal Mrs JO Sadare made it clear that she would not permit the Hijab to be worn in the school, despite the…
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September 19, 2018 0

Pope Benedict XVI did not Convert to Islam

Outline Circulating story claims that Pope Benedict XVI resigned in February 2013 because he had decided to convert to Islam.   Brief Analysis The claims in the message are nonsense. The message is derived from a story first published in February 2013 on satirical news site “Dead Seriousness”. All of the stories published on the…
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August 29, 2018 0

Know Your Rights – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

  In our world today, oppression and victimization of Muslims is no longer strange. We hear and read these stories every week. If one’s Niqab is not yanked off, another’s Hijab might be pulled, the one in beards is called an extremist and the one who has the courage to say, “Allahu Akbar”, a fanatic.…
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August 20, 2018 0

A treatise on the sacred task of Hajj – Abu MazeedatilKhayr

OH YOU GUESTS OF THE MERCIFUL LORD! “Is Hajj ritual that difficult that you asked Allah to ease the task for us?” A friend had asked me in a sarcastic manner when he read my short prayer post. He has, although, been a regular guest of the Merciful Lord both in hajj and umrah for…
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August 7, 2018 0