Mountains Of Mecca.

I stand on the top of the mountain
People of colour,
Black, white, red and yellow
Sons of Adam
Praise be to my Lord
Who has made the mountains
Bigger than Mankind.

The reality
Allah has no partner
Mountains of Makkah
Mountains of Madinah
The mountain of Asia
Mountain of America and the mountain of Africa.

The mountain of Europe
Berghof of the Germania
Angels of the mountains
And holders of the earth
Praises be to your Lord
Who commands all.

Eternal and the supreme
Who made the Stars
And made the Sands
Every Stars and Sands
Each of them has a name
My Lord knows them all
Mountains bow and angels bow
The sun and the moon
Everything is in proportion and submission.

To Allah is the power
And to the Lord is His glory
Walk gently on the Earth
And remember thy Lord
Who has created everything
Seen and unseen
With His mercy
If not for His mercy
The Earth will shake
And hearts will be trembling.

“I am a master of my own words and God is the master of my soul.”

Mountains of Mecca.
~Ameen Olorunnimbe©️24th of January 2022. “Mountains of Mecca.” Copyright Reserve ®️


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