The moon refused to be sighted
Too many sins,
The moon refused to shine,
Hour of Judgment is nigh,
And the Moon is cleft asunder.

But if they see a sign,
They turn away, and say, “This is (but) transient magic,”
Muslims enjoin in killings and banditry,
They clamour to see the moon,
Shawwal is here without a warning.

The curse of Allah is upon the hearts of men,
Earth is full of stained blood,
Sins are visible,
Bandits and rituals,
Bribery and corruption.

Ramadan is gone,
Shawwal is here,
Muslims began to sigh,
We looked up to the sky,
Still, the moon refused to be seen.

The message is clear and plain,
Do not spread corruption in the land,
Christians judged themselves,
Allah waited for the Muslims at the day of judgement.

Woe to them,
The unbelievers, surely their returns is to Allah,
They are the loosers,
Do not die but in a state of submission,
Still they worship man, images and figures.

Do not kill a soul,
Save a soul and save a nation,
Evil people spread blood,
Poor people are hungry for bread,
They do not kill for justice,
Instead, they take lives for money.

The sins are rising,
Corruption is normal,
Man refuses a sincere repentance,
But the prophet said ‘ask for repentance at the end of ten days’,
But no one ask for forgiveness with a faithful heart.

Moon refused to show,
Sins are sighted everywhere,
But the moon is not forthcoming,
The sky is dark,
Son of Adam are again in dark period,
It is time for a sincere repentance.

“I am a master of my own words and God is the master of my soul.”

At the end of Ramadan 1443AH.
The moon refused to be sighted.

~Ameen Olorunnimbe©️3rd of May 2022. “at the end of Ramadan 1443AH.” Copyright Reserve®️


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