Most times when I read of Muslims being persecuted, I wonder if we are being persecuted because no Muslim is educated, famous, rich or powerful! Today, we seem to have seen persecution as a norm, as what must happen to us and we have to accept. We are killed in the middle east, we have to say we are not terrorists. We are killed in the west, we have to tender apology. We are killed in the middle east, no one is concerned, killing occurs in the west and we must say we stand with the victims over and over till the story dies down.

I went back to read the story of masquerades attacking Muslims in a mosque in Ikun-Ekiti, Ekiti state and I was overly mad. Mad because the king had asked the Muslim women to stay indoors during the masquerader festival and they did. Then they went ahead to attack Muslims in the mosque. Why would women stay indoor because of some filthy masquerades that will eat rice, beans, take alcohol, excrete like any other human being the next day?

At this age, there are so many things we can no longer tolerate. Our mosques are being destroyed, we are being persecuted yet they do the crying, we are being killed and they do the wailing! Do you know that the few days before the Manchester attack, 30 Muslims were killed by Christian militias in Central Africa Republic? It was in the headlines when ISIS destroyed a church in Iraq, but when Muslims built it, did it make it to the headlines?

I and other volunteers at are doing our best and will continue to do it till we can do it no more. We all need to wake up, love ourselves, spend our resources in Allah’s cause.

In 2017, after reading the Ekiti story, I remembered Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri talked about a Muslim owned online media (BULL EYE) that will tell our story. I called him to ask how far. “You should start service by may 1st but this is June (2017)”, I said. People are responding but we haven’t got what we wanted. These guys are not saying you should give them money for free. Just invest. They needed 3.6 million Naira more, these are things we can invest in, earn rewards and we are reducing persecution. Enarrate is there with their Muslim online radio and others, they have been seeking funds for their studio. Are these things going to die when we just don’t know when someone will come up with such idea again?!!! Dr. Zakir Naik is there, we are doing nothing, isn’t that a message that each sheikh or scholar are on their own?

Let this paragraph address another section of our situation. The truth is, sometimes, “If we want peace, we have to prepare for war”. An average critic of Islam wants to keep calling us terrorists​ and they love to see us pulling defense not because they want to learn but because they love it that we are taunted. Almost all of them now know what Qur’an 5:32 says.

As Muslims, we need to stop being sensational overly apologetic or sympathetic. Imagine this conversion,

Critic : Lucas Bashir

Lucas : Yeah…

Critic : Your Qur’an teaches terrorism and Muslims are terrorists.

Lucas : Yeah, that’s why I killed your parents

Critic : (running outta what to say) Lol! Your guys are killing in the middle east

Lucas Bashir : Yeah, that’s why you are talking to me and you haven’t died

Critic :

They know we are not terrorists. If they call us terrorists, yes, we are terrorists. What more would they say? They want you to keep defending when they are not ready to learn.

In conclusion, we need to be connected. We need to see and address the issues facing us. We need to do something with our resources and brain. We need to start talking, we need to start narrating our history, stories of our heroes, of our persecution, we need a VOICE and how can this be achieved when we hate, envy, despise one another and some sheikhs are all about calling people Kafir?

I and other volunteers at are doing our best and will continue to do it till we can do it no more. We all need to wake up, love ourselves, spend our resources in Allah’s cause.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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