The Prophet Mūsa and his people had gotten to a dead end. In front of them was a sea they could not cross; coming from behind was the force of Pharaoh.

Mūsa and his people were in the same situation, anxious about what lay ahead, but in that same situation, they uttered totally contrasting statements that reflected how each one of them thought of Allah.

Sura Ash-Shu’ara, Ayah 61-62 tells it all.
61: “And when the two companies saw one another, the companions of Moses said, “Indeed, we are to be overtaken!”
62: [Moses] said, “No! Indeed, with me is my Lord; He will guide me.”

What could have brought about this calm reply and confidence from the Prophet Mūsa – while his people panicked – and how can we maintain such level of confidence and trust in Allah too when faced with such calamity? How can we, at a time when everyone believes there is no way out, be confident that indeed our lord is with us, and he would guide us?

Well, the hadith of The Prophet’s advice to Ibn ‘Abbaas summarizes what we can do to be in such dicey situations too and remain confident, calm and assured of our safety.

He said: “O young man! be mindful of Allah (and his commandments) and you will find him protecting you. Be mindful of Allah (and his commandments) and you will find him facing you. Be mindful of Allah in times of ease, and he will remeber you in times of hardship
Such confidence in Allah cannot be attained unless one is so mindful of the commandments of Allah, that at all points one can ascertain that everything he is doing, is being done solely for Allah, and the way Allah ordered that it should be done. This was what The Prophet Mūsa remembered- and gave him the confidence.

He was certain, that he had done everything he did in getting to that point the way Allah ordered that it should be done, and that made him certain that Allah would not neglect him at that point.

Think about the things you might be scared of in the future; have you raised your children with such pure income that if one of them were to take wrong steps, you could pray to Allah, with full certainty that you have taken your steps the way they should be taken? Do you use your health in such manner that if a sickness were to befall you, you could pray to Allah with confidence that you were mindful of him in times of ease?

If yes, then, no matter how big the calamity seems now, rest assured that, just as Mūsa said: your lord is with you and he sha guide you through, and remember – if you have been mindful of your lord, and they remind you of what calamities await you like the people of Mūsa did – that: “Is Allah not enough for his servant? And they threaten you with those other than him…”
(Zumar, verse 36)

If no, do not lose hope, read the story of Saahibul Huut.

1)Annawawi’s collection


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