Since time began, people have invented and adopted different dress codes based on either culture, environment, fashion and religion. Fashion has changed from time to time based on adoption and what today’s generation call “civilization”. But does civilization mean abandoning morality and adopting ways of the disbelievers and transgressors? Or does it mean reduction of the value of the Muslim woman?
Let’s ask ourselves “Does fashion and modeling fit into Islam and its principles of dress code?”

For those who are still in doubt about what the true hijab is, various verses in Quran has made this clear. One enough verse is Surah An Nurr, Chapter 31. The whole of the body of the woman is considered Awra (private parts) with exception of the face and hands). So also the Awra of the male is from his ankles to the navel. In addition to that, men are commanded to wear trousers that do not hang below the ankles or drag on the ground.

Being a practicing Muslim doesnt depict perfection in Islam, so also doesn’t Hijab, keeping trousers above ankles and growing the beards. It rather fulfills the commandments of Allah and Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The fact that Allah and His messenger (pbuh) aknowledges that Eeman fluctuates makes none of us perfect. However, we should as well understand that in as much as there are mistakes meant to be corrected in secret, there are also persistent open misguiding actions that are meant to be corrected publicly.

Our brothers should understand that dawah starts with ourselves and our closest relatives, but as well extends to the entire ummah with every means available. Our sisters also should understand that hijab and modesty means to conceal that which is forbidden to be exposed and not displayed to the public. Allah, behind His wisdom, forbids women to speak loudly in public or stamp their feet when walking just as not to attract the public/opposite sex’s attention. So the issue of modelling and fashion is far out of proportion.

The advocacy on taking up hijab is what I’ll call “outdated”. Our main focus now is to ensure modesty exist amongst our hijab/niqaab sisters. This includes what we talk, how we interact, what we post, how we respond to issues, how we practice our deen, etc. But if these same sisters are being drawn to that which leads them to be looked at as sexual figures, then we are all failing as a society. Let’s be worried about the examples we want our children to wake up to and emulate in the future.

Let’s not point fingers or name names, but we all have a Responsibility to restore and uphold religious sanity in our society. Parents should guide their children with the principles of Islam, modesty and morality. Our religious leaders should continue the lectures and reminders. Our Islamic organizations should establish firm rules, maintain principles and provide the platform for better understanding of Deen. Society should encourage the youths to uphold morality. If we are to succeed, everyone should be involved.

We don’t want people to jump into d campaign because they held personal vemdettas against others. This advocacy is not a recipe for hate and fightback. It’s one that has to do with standing up against what is bad and encouraging that which is good, whether it is our family, friends or general Muslims being the victims.

I want to believe that a brother who’s lifestyle is flawed should be more focused on reforming himself than campaigning against others. Oh yes, no one can be perfect in the eyes of Allah, but that doesn’t mean also we should sweep the truth under the carpet or shouldn’t accept it because it’s coming from someone whom we hold a grudge against.

We ask Allah to make it easy for us all, guide our intentions, grant us better understanding of Deen and forgive us for our misgivings – Aameen



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