Now that good Friday is gone, what do we call Fridays to come before the next good Friday? 🤔

Some things are not just consistent with logic.

You cannot claim Hinduism and Judaism are meant to be universal religions. No matter your objectivity, there will be traits of racial supremacy in the adherents.

Buddhism, Christianity named after persons. When Christ takes all the name, how about those who allegedly prophesied his coming?

Look at Islam, it is not Arabism. It is total submission to the will of Allah. Therefore, whatever any Crown Prince, Dubai Billionaire, Qatari Sheikh says that is not consistent with the Qur’an and Sunnah holds no water and should not be used as a case against Islam.

Likewise, any Yoruba, Fulani, Arabian or American Muslim that feels superior over others does so of his own ignorance. We are no better Muslims or humans based on our tribe, race, or colour but by piety.


The West had tried to call Muslims Muhammedans for a very long time but we have rejected it. This wisdom should be applied to ideologies sold to us but contradict Islam and the Sunnah. Now, it is the little things that matter.

Today, inclusivity is one of those little things. You can wear the Hijab and sing Hip Hop and twerk. You can sell Abayas, display it on social media, add music to the background of the video, shake your head like Agama lizard, dance a bit and then…how are these connected to what you want to sell? 🤔

You don’t have to leave Islam to be a Feminist. You can be a Muslim Feminist till they tell you Male Imams, Mahram, etc., are signs of patriarchy. Why can a Muslim not be a model? It starts with Allah sees the heart, am I not wearing the Hijab till it gets to exposed cleavages, twerking followed by Jummu’ah Mubarak on Whatsapp statuses and Instagram stories.

The table has been shaken and destroyed but we can ‘recreate it from its particles’, polish it with logic that it may glow of intelligence and reason.

Think, think, think about this again…

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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