I was with Mallam Adepoju Yusuf Acadip preparing for tonight’s live program (Our Beloved Jesus:Who Really Is He?) when we received the sum of #500, 000 from The Companion Zakat and Zadaqat Funds Committee for some selected reverts. Immediately, I got additional fives names of reverts from Mallam to disburse 20k each to asides the earlier selected reverts.


News like this are necessary for the Public at a time where the Muslim Community (especially in Yoruba Land) is battling with Controversies, Tantrums and Internet trolls.


Last year, the KnowIslam Project raised over #6, 000, 000 for needy Muslims and reverts from health to feeding to schooling, accommodation and unification of families. Every year, we organize the Host a Revert this Eid to address the Reverts’ psychological challenges while fundraisers and links with Madrasas help us address their financial and spiritual challenges respectively.


This Eid, we connected with ACADIP Nigeria organized Eid celebration. We have and will continue to work with Islamic organizations towards the Propagation, defense and upliftment of Islam.


This year, we have raised over #4, 000, 000. Worthy of mention is the #3, 000, 000 raised for one of our beloved Sheikhs. We took a step further in deciding to employ writers for our website. Over 3,000 articles have been published explaining Islam, telling the Muslim story as well as refuting the lies of Islamophobes.


This is also a reminder that we are one ‘Ummah and we should exist as such. We appreciate The Companion Zakat and Zadaqat Funds Committee and pray that Allah strengthens and reward them abundantly.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project


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