A man who unnecessarily sees his neighbor as an enemy will destroy the peaceful atmosphere of good neighborliness except the neighbor is Omar Muktar of Libya who defended his country against western Christian nation of Italy, that was out to westernize and de-Muslimize them with Christian-Liberal western lifestyle, under the leadership of a fascist Military bloodsucker, Benito Mussolini.

Omar Muktar whose brothers and sisters, and compatriots were killed by the these invaders from the west simply told one of his soldier who was out to kill two lone driving Italian soldiers (after shooting one);

Omar Muktar: why did you shoot him?
Bedouin soldier: They’re doing it to us.
Omar Muktar: They are not our teachers.

These principles of Omar Muktar is one that I feel very appealing. So much that it is an illustrative but not exhausting words of God Almighty (Allah) in the Qur’an, “Good and evil aren’t the same; repay evil with good….” (Surah Fussilat Ch 41: 34)

If the man’s neighbor doesn’t have “Omar Muktar in him”, the man has much more to fight, where there was none.

The scenario carved with a historical antecedent is grave and pitiable character of most Nigerian Christians; whose ignorance engineered by intolerance and degenerated self-esteem, have helped in creating “the Muslim enemy” for easy prayer point (even when Muslims are unwilling to be an enemy). When the ‘enemy’ refused to die, they sought every instrument and channel to support anything that poses a threat to Muslims or to fight the Muslims’ values and principles.

If an Abdullah says, I think Muslim girls should have sex before marriage. so they know who they are marrying. Christians in large numbers would flood in support because it undermines Muslims’ values. (Just an illustrative example).

You will wonder, don’t they have Bible to guide them into morality? Of course, they have. All morality and Goodliness are thrown away when they deal with Muslims. At some point, you’re shocked that the Abdullah is actually a John who impersonates with a Muslim’s identity.

Daddyfreeze The ‘Tithe Fighter’, A very popular on air personality embroiled with controversy is daddyfreeze. He is a Christian preacher who expounds the Bible many at times beyond the limitations of the tithe collecting pastors, hate speaking Nigeria pastors, institute in churches.

As Muslims, we do not support Liberalism that he sometimes dabble into. At the same time, we do not support deception or hate speech of many Nigeria pastors or claims that he is a mercenary against Christianity.

Daddy freeze criticized tithing and exposed the hate, preached against Muslims by Protestant Christian pastors in many cases. He was inferred to be sponsored by Muslims. Who did this inference? Leke Adeboye, son of Redeem Christian Church Patriarch. Leke said, the threat to Islam in Nigeria is RCCG, WINNERS, OFM, etc, that is why (there is daddy freeze, who will say) many bad things about Christianity and then one or few good things about Islam.

We replied at sociallogia. See; https://sociallogia.wordpress.com/2018/08/28/%e2%80%8bpastor-adeboyes-son-is-brainless-and-unsmart-bn-sulaymans-response-to-son-of-rccg-patriarch/
Daddy freeze had replied, unknown to us. It was equally published ( https://sociallogia.wordpress.com/daddy-freeze-slams-pastor-adeboyes-son-over-his-islamophobic-post/ )

Leke’s remarks showed he had a lacuna in his forebrain, hindbrain, and midbrain.
Femi Aribasala was the first Nigeria Christian to expose the area of tithing (that it has expired). Perhaps, tithing was offending Muslims so much they employed two Christians to destroy it. This is the moral principle of Christians, in Nigeria. If there is anything wrong with them, they need to tag an enemy; Muslims are the nearest.

What About them?

There was a time Christians pushed Daddy Freeze to start criticizing Islam and Imams. Mr freeze equally told them, I don’t know of an Imam who has a private jet or a Rose Royce.

A comedian Mc Jollof even promised Daddy freeze about a hundred thousand Naira to also criticize Muslims and Islam. His response remained the same.
In fact, in the video, Mc Jollof made it clear that he is pained that it is only Christianity he is criticizing.

Femi Aribasala was also pushed by popular online sensation, Pastor Reno Omokri to criticize Islam after he had criticized the Bible. He even said (not sic); it is a sign of Christian Tolerance (“awa” Brother was replying and claiming tolerance) for him to reply to Christianity and be alive. The refusal to criticize Islam and Muslims because of its inculpability led Leke Adeboye to assume Muslims paid Daddyfreeze (he is working for Muslims).

Tawhidi (Tall-Hidden)

A self-acclaimed Imam whose only popularity is Twitter and Facebook misfired about Nigeria’s presidency in other to increase his disciple-sheep. Boom! Christians (many of them from the East of Nigeria) went in-crowd. Almost every time, his words and tweet are published by Christians on Opera News.
“Imam of peace said; see what imam of peace said of Hijab; Imam Tawhidi calls Muslims isis.” So many headlines.

You know what, this is what Christians want. Let Muslims have an enemy to confront as much as they have Freeze. These Christians don’t have decency.

This was why they pushed him to criticize Islam all along. They even lured through criticism an Edo-Bini Christian Instagram stripper (Etinosa Idemudia) to make the Qur’an an Ash stray since she has done it to the Bible. Their emotional blackmails usually goes by, “thank God it is Christians and Christianity you’re doing it to. We are not violent. Try do it to the other faith (the bold enough would mention Islam) and see if you will still be alive.”

We are tolerant, just try Muslims. “Aunty Mayree, where the tolerance? how your own disaster wen you they drag Muslims put take show say you Tolerant? And the person when do am na Christian. But you wicked pass bottom pot and devil shit. You get to claim tolerance and inspire person to blaspheme and defame Islamic symbols.”

“Tolerance na to swallow spit and keep quiet (Tolerance is to become patient and keep quiet)” Una own na to cry (Christians tolerance is to cry) like man when them thief e wife the night after marriage (like a man whose wife he needs the night of wedding but got missing). Well, I know say una nor get concience (you Christians lack conscience). Na una dey define anything ( what ever suits you is your definition).
Tolerance when una define na for you to slap person when slap you then cry small, tell am say, you for do am to Islam and see if them nor go kill you. Konk yourself (Your definition of tolerance is an eye for an eye then inspire an extra eye against innocent eye(Islam). Give yourself a knock on the head). Madam tolerance, oga peaceful (clap for yourself).

The prophet Muhammad gave a confirmatory framework to know one who truly believes in God Almighty (Allah);
“Non believes, except he loves for his brother (good ) that he loves for himself.”
For these Christians, it is evil they love for Muslims.

So, they kept popularising Imam Tawhidi among themselves so Muslims can bite a finger.
Ops! Muslims are beyond that. Imam Tawhidi is nobody. All his claims were shattered by Onepath network.
He lied against Muslims in Australia. He equally was never recognized by the Australia council of Imams (or Muslim scholars).
See Onepath network exposition of the cunning character, the Imam of most Nigeria Christians; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ooiWtXNP-Ds )

He is a nobody in the congregation of Muslims. He is just like you. He is a liberal Muslim and an Islamophobe. Yes, an Islamophobe because he makes Islamophobic remarks and fraternizes with various Islamophobes like Paulen Hanson of Australia. You are both the same. Have you ever seen him, quoting a single verse to criticize Muslims as a whole, for any ridiculous claim he makes that you publish on Opera news? He knows it is all dust!

Daddy Freeze quotes the Bible in most cases; 8 out of 10 Criticism of pastors, he quotes Bible verses.
Sorry, Your aim is aimless. Your Imam is just like you; good for nothing. He doesn’t even in any way shake the smallest ant-like part of our faith. Daddyfreeze smoked out Adeboye,Oyedepo, Ashimolowo, Johnson, Etc.
Your response was to behave like some one who them use e brain tar road with your chief Imam, Iame-man Tall-hidden.

By Jimoh Shehu


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