Oh slaves of Ar-Rahaman!
Wrapped up in blankets
Get up from your comfort
and seek the mercy of your Lord,
for the one who seeks your fall never sleeps.

How can I blink,
or slumber
when my sins are rocks
strapped to my heart.
sobbing for it misdeeds
while my soul shivers in its hole…

The angel of death is at my door knocking,
My good deeds are but little,
I quiver for the enquiries
about my wealth and health…
The thought of this ephemeral world weakens my bones,
fear of my death sojourn blurs my dream,
as if on transit to the underworld…

In the dreadful deep blue sea,
in the dead of the night, my heart mumbles words
that lips can’t utter
out of fear for his dearest soul.
Is the moment of convulsion about to seize me?
Al Ghafar!, I have confessions.

I was a rogue belittling your penalty
trampling your rules like rags.
Soaring beyond boundaries.
I thought myself as
the only bird with wings.
Forgetting you created the wind.
My destruction buried in your words.

But you kept me!
For this moment of realization
I no longer want to imagine my retribution
Cleanse me and let me wallow in your compensation.
Your promise of mercy is my hope of liberation.
Keep me, cleanse me, and help me stay true to my contrition.


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