Allah knows our Hidden tears.
He knows all our fears.
He knows how long you cry in the middle of the night.

Our Iman is so shallow.
But he’ll accept us even if we’re far below.

We could give ourselves a chance and allow that the Dunya could be so hollow.
But this is our chance to chose on which path we follow.

For once,try to be strong for Allah we all belong.

This Dunya is a test and so we all appear cursing and swearing on others,wouldn’t make your life any better.

Breaking our oaths and promises for something so important. But little do we know the importance isn’t worth it.

You try to forget the pain with your effort in vain.

Forget what breaks you down and not build up on your own.
Stand up for yourself.
It only you and your deeds that helps.

“Allah doesn’t burden a person beyond his scope”. Just remember that verse.

We take our burden so heavy,without knowing the potential happiness.

We cannot see the consequences that’s about to occur,so try not focus a lot on what’s hurts you most,instead to be patient knowing Allah is All-seeing.

So forget the pain and try to gain some new perfect lessons.
For Allah we all belong and to HIM we shall return.

IBRAHEEM,Habeebah Adedoyinsola


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