It’s been a while I did a write-up, but I will not be fine if I do not respond to what one Bola Olarele wrote on Coronavirus, and how he had it deified.

It is obviously not difficult to tell where he belongs – God or Satan’s camp. He could have been dragged by the attitude and character of individuals who claim religiosity and not the status of religion itself.

Most of the points he made in the piece were hilarious, to say the least. He made arguments that portrayed him being an atheist on the one hand, while numerous of his assertions indicated agnosticism on the other hand. I, however, believe, very strongly, that he’s an agnostic, and I wish to demystify what he is apparently ignorant about – as a servant of Allah and scientist.

He blindly thinks science is independent of religion – what a thought! Well, I wouldn’t blame him much knowing the level of thought colonization and westernization of ideas by the west. He gullibly stated: “The situation brings us to the age-long debate between religion and science”; whereas, there is nothing to debate. He only needs to be enlightened.

The greatest damage was done not only to the thinking of man but also to his living when it was postulated that science was different from religion. This idea became popular only in the last third of the nineteenth century after the publication of Charles Darwin on evolution. I will be surprised if Bola Olalere does not believe he is intellectually inferior to a Whiteman, even the worst of them. That is a ‘herb’ he must take without feeling irksome – of course, that is the same system that suggested his assertion.

Ab initio, before the time of those who thought their forefathers were apes, they too did look like one. There were great scientists who believed in God. During this time, the leading scientists were religious. There was no dissonance between science and religion until the apes came up with their fallacies.

To register a fact, science supports and agrees with religion. It is in consonance with it except where its advancement is cut short.

I understand some persons who claim religiosity may drag one to wonder but not to doubt the superiority and grandiosity of a whole over its part. However, religion, as used in the English language, might make it difficult to defend for me as being ultimate but where it only refers to God, ALLAAH, then it is the only option for a peaceful life.

Bola Olarele made a mockery of the faithful starting with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the cancellation of pilgrimage giving up to the threat posed by the COVID – 19 outbreak. Although I may not be able to defend the Vatican and other faiths he soiled, I can unreservedly defend Islam.

Islam, in case you do not know, is a total way of life – science inclusive. It is a tradition in Islam and that which is older than your deity, coronavirus that one observes biosecurity. It is the norm in Islam.
Biosecurity if taken seriously the way Islam takes it, there wouldn’t have been pandemonium in the world right now. The Noble Prophet of Islam said thousands of years ago and I quote: “If a plague occurs in a country/state, do not enter and those therein should not leave.” It is for this reason, you cannot mock Islamic nations for taking the stance they took nor can you blemish Saudi Arabia for following our noble prophet. I do not know if the Vatican or other faithful have such instructions in their traditions

I forbid my thought to take a bow to the Darwinians, when I’m not a monkey (…giggles…). I could have chosen to be blind to his writings but what if God doesn’t forgive me. I do defend myself but cannot defend Him. He lured people into reducing their faiths in God, their Creator.
He thought there’s need to review our investment in religion and science and choose wisely. Who chooses the creature and ignore the Creator?! At a point, he proposed there was little or no solution in religion. Who says that than an atheist or an ignorant agnostic who needs tutelage in theology.

No amount of energy invested in religion is outrageous and unwarranted. The purpose of creation in the first place is to worship the Creator only if every atheist knows.

I deduced he was deceived by the unreligious elements who claim religiosity to have opined that a high degree of religiosity brings less or no goodness to African society. Religiosity when it means spirituality is a key aspect of life. I imagine the worth of a life lived without God. A completely waste of existence!

Now that trouble has come to the world, where do we look up to? Science or Religion? He mockingly asked but the simple answer is religion – God! Religion is all-encompassing.

I do not speak for Christianity and not ready to defend the blows meted on it by this caller to secularism regarding pastors’ merchandise and their miracles. Miracles that are no miracles?! He did ask how many of the miracle-working pastors could come out and look at coronavirus in the face (giggling). They did come out actually, only that they didn’t do the miracle. God (Allaah) bless that put a call through to a pastor who claimed he could prophetically battle coronavirus in China. It was so funny as the pastor instantly became the Pastor’s PA on phone conversation after he had earlier admitted being the pastor. He knew well he could be invited to heal the locally infected persons. There’s even no assurance he won’t eventually become one of the victims of the virus.

Miracles as they are televised in this part of the world, especially in Nigeria, are ways employed by men who are hunger-stricken, but in no way should that make any sensible person make generalized conclusions on religion or spirituality.

Believing that science alone can save you from doom is an unthinkable mistake. If science could actually save, it would have saved humanity before now. Coronavirus is still killing to date and possibly it could still be killing decades later. However, if God so wishes, it will disappear from the surface of the earth without a scientist who cannot even determine when he will die.

Dear atheist, coronavirus is a creature of God; it is one of His uncountable soldiers He sends to whomsoever He wills. You cannot deify coronavirus and the devil you worship and diminish the status of your true Creator.

Religion is belief, science is knowledge, and the former however encompasses the later. Religion is faulty if it is void of knowledge. On the contrary, science may stand alone without religion but to what end. Science without the guidance of God journeys to peril. If Charles had known God, he wouldn’t have implied that his own father was a monkey.

Credit: Abu Mujaahidah


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