Imagine if there was no life after death, what is the essence of the good deeds Ali Banat did?

Don’t sleep with your two eyes closed when with an atheist. Though they may do good of their own volition, the odds of evil seem high for one who has no sense of accountability.

There are a thousand things people do not do because of God and not necessarily because of the police.

Forget being ‘woke’. Do good for the sake of and shun evil as well for God’s sake. A society that welcomes you when you do good for ‘the sake of humanity’ but considers you stupid when it is ‘for God’s sake’ needs to define the moral foundation for the humanitarian culture.

Truth be told, religion has done more good than evil. Our idea of charity, compassion, benevolence or the composition of altruism have been taken from many religious beliefs.

As for the wars and the bloodshed that followed religion, when we look closely, we discover that religion mostly becomes a problem when it is mixed with politics. Thus, supremacists, racists, dictators, etc. use religion as a tool.

While it is worthy of note that a religiously controlled state BY A TYRANT may enable suppression and OPPRESSION, we also need to understand that Secularism cum Democracy has not necessarily saved us from that possibly.

Not only do we have a problem with our moral values that change with time, the question of Liberty is a serious concern. What type of right do we give or not? To what extend should the state protect the rights of a man that do not infringe on another’s? To what extent do we criminalize crime against oneself?

Following the separation of the church from the state, adultery has become acceptable. Let’s say, sex is okay so far it is between two consenting adults. Whether it is a matter of human dignity or rights, we took a step further by legalizing a romantic relationship between consenting adults of the same gender. We have also become more civilized that a consenting adult parent and offspring can be involved in sexual affairs.

One thing, I am sure, is that religion only becomes a tool in the hands of politicians in a society where the masses do have have discerning minds or say, not critical thinkers. If we abolish all religions in the world today, the world would be more chaotic and we would pathetically protect rights while we jettison matters concerning the dignity of Man. Sadly, the democratic state also places restrictions to our freedom in the name of liberty. Religion has been insulted for not granting freedom but we have discovered that as much as we have free, the society can only grant liberty, not necessarily freedom. Therefore, there is freedom of speech, as well as freedom of being sued for libel. Thus do religion and human alleged free states grant rights to an extent and punish some certain actions.

If no one in the world practices religion, there would still be chaos, hate and resentment. In fact, supremacists will rise, racial and tribal bigotry would be the order of the day. By then, the Dooms Day clock must have passed 12am.

Well, does who believe there’s no life after death should stop wishing their brothers-in-thought rest. Why stand for a minute silence for someone who’s gone and of no use than gains for the soil. Why honour the dead when he/she is nowhere, of no memory on the entire universe or any other dimensions?

Irreligious people keep seeing religious folks as stupid but we cannot say them to be wiser. If an atheist loses an atheist friend, they should just say, “One Spanner Lost”.

May Allah forgive Ali Banat and admit him into Paradise. Aameen.


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