The young man kissed the dust
To kiss his beloved no more
His own time to a halt
And his desires no more but naught

The messenger’s message fainteth the mother
What strength is the father’s but weariness
Friends and foes united by the cruel hands of death
What then be man but nothing

Here cometh the shroud
And the washer’s gloves
To bath and to bath no more
Here is the end

Heads are bowed
And hisses and kicks
So, every man thinketh of his nothingness
And each man, his preacher

The proud one divorces his contumely
And the desires of the egoist, death vaineth
The sick heart is cured
And the carefree seeketh for the meaning of life

In sooth, we all shall die
The low and the high
Matters not, if you run or fly
Want to escape death? No need to try

Death doth destroys all pleasures
Robs us of our treasures
For the rest we solemnly clamour
It gives us for no Kobo

Death is no punishment
In the grave is no entertainment
If death be a punishment truly
Why take the bad, good and godly

Life is not a game
Not an animal we can tame
Regardless of our name and fame
Soon, shall we be a tale

This is our reality
Staring at us harshly
Death leaves room for no debate
And its coming is of no announced date.


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