I took some time to research on major negative changes in the world in the past two hundred years. As much as these changes are saddening, it brings utmost grieve to the heart knowing these changes are prevalent in the society today and they are not just waxing stronger, the propagators use everything available to spread them while those who should stand against them are compromising due to being labeled as repugnant and archaic.

Homosexuality is a vice that is old dating back to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah recorded in religious texts. These immoral acts gained ground and legalized in certain countries in the 21st century. It gets more unfortunate when a priest can choose not to wed a man and woman but could be imprisoned for not wedding a gay couple. The world has failed in crying against this barbaric act rather those who go against them are seen as barbaric. Much more unfortunate when you realize a country that swears in her president using the bible legalizes this act yet the pages where Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for this act are not torn off.

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of feminism with meninism now coming to limelight. The campaigners of this ideology do not actually teach equality rather they propagate hatred employing curses and insults just like atheists. Not too long ago (as at the time of this publication), I promised to write a rebuttal to a feminist called Nkechi Bianze. My rebuttal was met by being blocked on Facebook.

Most feminists are products of broken homes, have horrible childhood or have met men who have hurt them instead of loving a woman how they should. Feminism as an ideology is based on emotion and not on intellectual grounds. The above mentioned feminist created a match-making page where women meet men. Why a feminist?. Funnily, the first four posts are women seeking men.

In the world today, we see people who call for gender equality. They want men and women to be granted equal rights, feminism is a branch of this. In a response to Dr. Ijabla who wrote an article clamouring for gender equality, I explained why we should ask for EQUITY instead of equality.

If we were to take the meaning of equality into cognizance, there would be no priority seating, women will not be granted maternity leave, no sick leave etc. In implementing equality,a family consisting of the father, mother, four children who are 17, 14, 10 and 2 years old respectively will feed on the same food of the same measure for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Explaining to Dr. Ijabla on why we should ask for equity not equality, I pointed out that equity is fairness in all situations. A man has right over and duties to a woman and vice versa. To read my response to Dr. Ijabal on this topic, visit this link https://knowislam.com.ng/359-2/. At the end of the day, Dr. Ijabla agreed with me on this.

In the Yoruba and Indian movie industry, we have witnessed moral degeneration at its climax. Who knows that the likes of Jide Kosoko who starred in the movie “Ogbori Elomosho” would after 10-15 years act in a movie with ladies in skimpy skirts being kissed and fondled by those old enough to be their father. Who knows that civilization will take off the clothes of Indian actresses. About 15 years ago (as at the time of this publication), children can sit down with parents to watch a full movie, but now, it is not possible without a sense of guilt on the part of the parents since the scenes are full of nudity.

The music industry is nothing to write home about. While the male singers continue to be dressed, the female singers and dancers shamelessly grace our TV screens with pants and bras. It is rare to find a video in hip-hop where nudity is not displayed.

The church is not excluded. The church is know to have moved with time, compromising many of its tenets for what is in trend. It is now common for Christians to say Christianity is not a religion because religion is being stigmatized given the advent of atheists. Christianity remains a religion so far it involves believing in a supernatural controlling power and worship of a deity.

The changes are so many and they have affected almost all life sections. Islam as a religion as not changed and will never change though the same cannot be said of many who lay claim to being Muslims. while true Muslims continue to contribute to science, technology and other life sectors, the fundamental teachings of
Islam has not changed and will never change.

Allah is the guardian of Islam, we are the custodian. We will not in the name of liberalism, civilization make homosexuality, nudity, alcohol consumption etc. permissible. Those who have been at the receiving end of these vices know it is not to their advantage and we will not compromise to join them rather we will exert efforts in propagating what is right that they may know.

Those who have lost loved ones to alcohol, those who have lost their properties to interest-based loans know what it is to be at the receiving end of these vices. On no grounds are we going to accept any ideology or interpretation of Qur’an verses that are not known to be from prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the companions and the Salafs. Be it a Sheikh or professor, Islam is not for modernists or orientalists.

If a man takes what is bitter and makes a face as if that which is bitter is sweet, if he takes what is sweet and makes a face as if that which is sweet is bitter, in few seconds, he will make a face that appears he has taken what is sweet to that which is sweet and to that which is bitter, he will eventually make a face that tells he has taken what is better. Such is the similitude between what is right and what is wrong.

No matter how long people believe lies or throw themselves in delusion, the truth remains the truth. If interest-free loans in Islam is barbarism and the modern-day banking is civilization, I will rather remain barbaric than being civilized.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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