Few days ago, I had a lengthy discussion with brother Kamaldeen of Ummah Care for the Inmates (UCIF). We discussed Reverts to Islam and their Financial, Spiritual and Psychological challenges. At the end of our discussion, we agreed that we should add willing reverts to a Whatsapp group for basic Islamic knowledge.


It was after this call that a revert brother told me a sister who embraced Islam at the same time with him had gone back to Christianity. “SubhanaLlah, what happened to that brilliant and intelligent sister”, I asked.

I contacted the sister and she narrated what happened to me. She needed to pay the sum of 12,000 naira in school which she didn’t have. She had contacted some people who for certain reasons were not able to help. She went back to her parents to ask who referred her to the Church.

The sister narrated how she was lambasted and mocked. The Church had given her a loan of 10k scornfully and mandated that she MUST attend Church services under the supervision of her parents.

Click on this link to download her voice note 

We have spoken with the sister, given admonitions, and her heart is firm on Islam as it was since she has reverted. Kindly help us see to three cases…


Case 1

The revert sister. We hope to gather a sum of 20k for her to settle the church and some other commitments. In shaa Allah, we have started working on getting her out of that ‘bondage’


Case 2

A Revert brother who embraced Islam at the same time with the sister. They embraced Islam publicly in front of thousands of people. We were there. This brother has been rejected and abandoned by his family. He got operated recently and showed a high level of ‘Eeman. Before the operation, he recorded a video that if he dies, no Muslim organization should be held responsible.


Recently, his mum just died and he needs to go home. He lives in Ogbomoso and needs to travel to Benue State. Things are extremely difficult for this brother. The brother is strong and hardworking, he needs a job, any one and is ready to move to any state to work.

We want to get him 20,000 naira to pay respect to his mother and also show the his family that Islam did not make him hate his family.


Case 3

A mother of four who is in a very poor condition. She fetches water to survive, worked with bricklayers, carrying brick that landed her at the hospital. This woman desperately needs 40,000 naira to start a business. She would get packed oil, seasoning, noodles, spaghetti etc. and hawk.

The sum of these three cases is #80, 000. Kindly help us make this achievable in 48hrs as they are very urgent situations. The sister must not go to Church this Sunday, the brother must travel immediately and this woman should not go back to carrying bricks when she leaves the hospital.


Help us raise #80, 000 in 48hrs. Kindly send donations to;

0113094562 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project)

These three people can be contacted, talked to and interrogated on request.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project.


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