Islamic group, An-Nusrah Foundation has flagged a campaign to raise the sum of five million naira as donation for private school  teachers who have been affected by the COVID-19 lock-down.

More than 13 million people have contracted the virus with over 500, 000 losing their lives to it. Lock-downs ( attempts to curb the spread virus) have affected businesses with private school owners one of the worst hit.

A source from the foundation wrote;

Please help us help them.

Wallahi to be unable to feed your kids is one of the most traumatizing experience any parent can have.

If Allah has been merciful on you such that you have never experienced this then please see if you can use this medium (we know you are using others also) to show Him appreciation and to earn massive reward for doing so and for lifting the burden from multiple families.

Help us raise 5 million Naira to share something for as much private school teachers as possible. These are families that will benefit, only Allah knows the measure of your reward beloved brothers and sisters.

Like you are aware, we at An Nusra Foundation always have public announcement of donations to ensure money is monitored by all. Those who will receive this fund will also be documented as evidence.

Please make donations to,

📝Acct Name:- An Nusrah Foundation

📝Acct Number:- 2024486563

📝Bank:- First Bank Plc.

Don’t forget that of all the good deeds charity is one of the easiest even though it is still one of the most rewarding. Once the transfer is done an investment has been made which no one can really quantify because only Allah knows how many tears will be wiped, how many depression will be averted and how many heart will at least rest a little due to your contribution. The Prophet said we get rewarded for putting a morsel of food in our wife’s mouth. Imagine if you put a morsel of food in the mouth of multiple families even if for one day. If Allah Will that is not too small for Him to consider for an inmate of paradise.

Please help us help these teachers. The pain of seeing your kids hungry is not something we pray for.

Acct Name:- An Nusrah Foundation

📝Acct Number:- 2024486563

📝Bank:- First Bank Plc.



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