This Morning, we published an article soliciting for funds to see to three cases. AlhamduliLlah, we have successfully gathered the required amount.


When that Revert sister informed me that she forcibly apostated because of 12, 000 naira, I told her what the Muslim community had been doing. When the Church gave her a loan, she must attend the Church or any of its branches. Unlike Muslims, the Muslim community has helped people without making enquiries as to which Mosque they would be performing Salah or to which organization would they be paying their tithe. If the church gives you 10k, you will pay it back through tithes.

AlhamduliLlāh, the cases have been addressed promptly. Reliable people have shown interest in the sister’s education.

The KnowIslam Project launched the Reverts Waqf Initiative which aims to see to the financial, psychological and spiritual challenges of reverts. We have paused the fundraising due to the Coronavirus and some other projects. The project would be relaunched in 2021, In shaa Allah. Kindly visit to download our Reverts Waqf Initiative Document for a proper understanding of the project.


Before we pushed the fundraising, we have gathered the sum of #167, 000 of the intended #10, 000, 000. Those who want to make donations before we relaunch it can send donations to;

0124355681 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project Reverts Waqf)

Kindly note that this account is ONLY for the Reverts Waqf Initiative and the funds will not be used for any purpose till the required amount is gathered. Those who want to support our website (we pay #88, 000 a year for management), our da’wah activities, prompt response to Reverts and Muslims in dire need should kindly send their donations to;

0113094562 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project)

For further information, kindly send us a mail through our email address: [email protected] or Whatsapp: +234 701 557 9491

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project (05 – 08 – 2020)



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