As salaam alaykum warahmatuLlahi wabarakaatuhu,

On August 24 2022, I shared my discussion with one Deborah. At the end, she embraced Islam and became Khadeejah. Listen to the conversation:

Since then, she has been learning the Deen and steadfast. Two days ago, she was rushed to the hospital in emergency with her pregnancy. A C-section was performed on her. She has been billed #250, 000 by the hospital and has not been able to leave.

Sister Khadeejah only has the Muslim community since she reverted and her husband is reasonably trying his best. Kindly help us raise the sum of #400, 000 to get her out of the hospital and sort post-surgery necessities.

Kindly make donations to 0113094562 UNION BANK KnowIslam Project

Hafsah Ibrahim: +2349021800574

The Husband: +2348029211318

Sister Khadeejah: +2347019303250

Mallam Ajisafe: +2348083866414

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman: +234 701 577 9491,


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