The Prisoner (Poem by Lucas Bashir)


For the believer, the world is a prison

From Uyghur in China to Gaza in Palestine

whether be Summer, be Winter or any other season

Say Myanmar, say Syria, it is, but a routine


The same land we walk but for me, it is strange

Same blood in veins but for my belief, he is at rage,

Nothing but for believing in ALlah, the Lord of the Worlds, he scorns

His cries and wails so loudly heard as far as Charlie Hebdo that mocks


He does good, it is his religion, he does bad, he is Human

I help him, I am Human, he vexes me and my flaws make me Muslim

He shuts himself from my belief and conceives it as inhuman

His misconceptions about me, he takes to his film


When I pass, I am Human but for failure, it is my Hijab

I stand tall, I am human, I fall, the lengths of my trousers receive his jabs

I am a scientist, I am Human, I am illiterate, he questions my beards

My qualifications he cannot resist, he sees the name, ‘Bashir’, he is afeared


He criminalizes my polygyny and legalizes his homosexuality

He is proud of his alcohol and for my frown at it, he paints me as backward

Now, he has a hundred genders and celebrates the confusion of his gender and sexuality

What good I do is bad, what evil he does is good and never awkward


He defines freedom in a way that makes me snigger

There is the freedom to sleep with the same gender or your parent but not to polygyny

Freedom to be naked but the covered, he fines hundreds of dollars

If she begets for her father or the mother for the son, what shall we tell the progeny?



“I am the orphan of Gaza

I am the deformed of Iraq

I am the violated of Afghanistan

I am the bombarded of Pakistan

I am the tyrannized of Kashmir

I am the oppressed of Chechnya

I am the catalyst of Tunisia

I am the hope of Egypt

I am the courage of Syria

I am the determination of Yemen

I am the martyr of Libya. I am the Ummah of Muhammad ( ﺻﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ


I am a prisoner in the Dunya, this is not my home…

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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