People of low intelligence
You plunged into abyss of
Ignorance and barbaric behaviour
You leave the one true Lord
And worship the three fake
Man-made ones
The created idolatry
And adore a son of man

People of low intelligence
You worship men
Bow down and kneel before men
But you refused to bow down to the Creator of your souls
Men that fly private jets and drive Rolls Royces
You left the original teaching and messages
For the wolves in the sheep clothing

People of low intelligence
You have your book
But you don’t read your message
O mankind your God is one
Love Him and serve Him
With all your hearts
This is the teachings but
Instead, you say your gods are three
You condemned the message
Of the messenger of God almighty

O people of low intelligence
You lied on the son of man
Nay, he isn’t son of God but
We appointed him as a sign of
Our command and absolutes power
To his people that I am the one
True God almighty that can save thee
Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ are messengers
There is no difference between
Jesus Christ and Adam
We have created Adam without
Father and mother
We have created Jesus the son of Mary without a father

O people of low intelligence
Worship the true one Lord
And believe in the messenger
Appointed to the whole mankind
We is not two or three
I am the plural of one
The master of the day of judgment
I am We, absolute power belongs to Me
I have power over all things
The last prophet has come and gone
But my message lives on
The true words

O people of low intelligence
I am your God almighty
I am the beginning and the end
I have no son nor daughter
No father nor mother
Nothing is comparable to Me
And nothing can be compared to Me
I am eternal and I will never die
Your image is like Adam
Do not say trinity
I am one God
You have come from Me
And definitely your return is to Me
Submit to Me, my name is peace
And your religion is peaceful.

“I am a Master of my own words and God is the Master of my Soul.”

I people of no reflection.
~Ameen Olorunnimbe ©30th of December 2019. Copyright Reserve®


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