To me, it seems life is a constant battle between two forces.

The political, moral and intellectual crisis that seem to have befallen us seem to be nothing contemporary. Had the wise King Solomon not said nothing is new under the sun?

From the beginning of days, men have oppressed and had been oppressed, killed and had been killed.

Terrorism is a worry today, albeit not in the last decade have we seen the likes of Genghis Kahn, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler or a mass murder as great as the precious lives of the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In the same vein, not in the last decade have we seen the likes of Muhammad and Jesus. Or should we mention icons like Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Rumi, etc.

How many had wondered at the outbreak of COVID-19 and exclaimed, “this be, perchance, the end of days”. Albeit, all that is, was and what was and has been, and that which had been. 1918, the Spanish Flu must have made many lament, “the end is upon us”.

Certainly, we are in our present state history even say backwards. How we say a century ago is long and the ancestors unprivileged to have a taste of the present state of science and technology. A century to come and we are between men gone, in the pages of history.

Therefore, as beauty exists today, so it did amongst our wrinkled ancestors and mothers. “Oh Cleopatra! Anthony misses you!” As evil parades our streets so was it when the infant girls were buried alive in the then land of the Arabs.

Our super cars and smartphones have been marvelous in our eyes so was Alchemy a think of pride. How arrogantly we pride in our civilization as did the men in the beginning of the days of the age of enlightement.

Conclusively, the human society is a battle between two forces, forces inherent in the breasts of man. As good is inherent in man so is evil. Thus, in the ages that have come and gone, the one of today and that which would tomorrow, both good and evil are the controlling forces.

In all ages shall there be good as there would be evil. Ask me of the evil that has befallen mankind and I will say;

“What good and evil has mankind not seen? Nothing keeps me thinking that that man, today, pretends not to know that which is good and evil. Good is relative and evil, now contextual.

I heared a ‘scholar’, Sadh Guru, says there is no evil and no good but men in pursuit of their happiness. This raises the question, “If we chop off his hands and legs” in pursuit of our happiness, what sense does it make?”

No evil is strange, no good is alien. If a thing be invented today so was a thing newly invented in yesteryears. Man is good so is he evil.

An opinion I have thought about for years and at the time of this writing is that good is more theoretical and evil more practical in that the majority preaches good, yet evil dominates. The good ones are killed, oppressed and silenced.

Man is a free being and between the two forces, he is free to choose. To be beastly or angelic?”

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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