Hijab is a piece of cloth – a mere garment. It is not human, only worn by the Muslim woman. It is a non-living thing and cannot do anything on its own volition. Why then blame it for the imperfections of its wearer?

The hijab wearer isn’t an angel. She is the same as the one with nothing on her head. What distinguishes them is that the former is God-fearing in terms of dressing while the latter isn’t. That she covers herself doesn’t mean that she is free from errors. Everyone – including you, the castigator – is created and born with errors. Have you forgotten – so suddenly – the one you did yesterday? Remember, you are likely to do it forever. That’s because you are human.

Blame the wearer, not the wear. Do you blame a car for being dirty, or the owner for being unclean? Do you blame the hair for being rough, or its carrier for being unkempt? Do you blame a rug for stinking like carrion, or the user for being pig-like? You can see how illogical you’ve been all the while.

Why refuse a divinely commanded dressing just because of the imperfections of its users? Why adamantly refuse your daughter(s) the latitude to obey her Lord in this regard, even though you have become hell bent on disobeying Him? Why add up your sin rather than reduce it? Would you have the guts to show same hatred on the Day your mouth would be on permanent seal?

Jilbab is Quranically commanded. It isn’t man-made. Wear it to obey the unquestionable Commander. Encourage your daughter(s) to wear it to obey their Creator. The behaviour of its wearers shouldn’t determine your obedience to your Lord, after all, you have yours that are being managed and endured by your husband, in-laws and family members. Should your daughter(s) also refuse to get married because of their mother’s wifely imperfections?

Dear sisters in jilbab,

What you carry is an emblem of Islam. It is not for fun, neither is it for fashion. It is an act of worship and should be seen and handled as such. Your attitude should be in tandem with the symbol you carry. Talk less and be mindful of your speeches. Do not allow anger override your sensibilities. Be courteous; be polite and be watchful of your utterances: how you address fellow women and the opposite gender. Be respectful to elders. Allow not your nauseating attitudes dissuade people from embracing Islam or Muslimahs embrace hijab. That’s a major sin in the sight of Allah.

Be neat. Iron your jilbab. Always consider a corresponding pair of stockings with your garment. Avoid colour riot. Do not wear torn stockings about. May Allah make it easy.

Sanni Kay Yusuf


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