Atheist, free-thinkers have always raised questions as to why we have more worship centres than hospitals. However, a careful examination of the nexus between hospitals and worship centres does not only brings us to the conclusion that the establishment of both are not comparable, it also tells us that their criticism is rather destructive than being objective and constructive.

First of all, on a normal day, government build hospitals not Mosques or Churches. Churches and Mosques are built by individuals so why will they not be more than hospitals? This is like complaining that residential houses are more than hospitals. This does not make any sense.

Secondly, why single out places of worship? There are more beer parlour than there are Pharmacies in the world. There are more Night Clubs than hospitals in the world. There are more prostitutes than Nurses in the world. Why do they not cry over that? Religion is not te problem, they only aim to target religion

Thirdly, as Muslims for example, we pray five times a day. I don’t understand, do a billion people become sick everyday? Also, is sickness the only problem in society? How about crime, oppression, and cheating, all of which is even the reason we don’t have more hospitals? Are these religious centres not meant to train people to rise above these? It is like saying there are too much skills acquisition centres.

Do you know the amount that has been given in charity because people went go to Mosque and learned that they should help others? Can you quantify it? See, if your religion in particular is dominated by religious leaders who use congregation money to enrich themselves, mine is not. Please specify the religion you are criticizing. All of my Imams have a JOB and they don’t get rich from donations. Donations are channeled to poor people to help meet their needs including and especially medical needs.

Every time we do fund raising and raise millions for people with health problems here and they come out healthy, what do you think motivates that donation? For most people it is their religious beliefs which they learned from going to these places of worship that you love to hate. Corona and other diseases will spread more without a moral code. Religion is why most people don’t purposely spread their disease, it is why HIV did not finish the world before you introduced condoms, it instructed self quarantining before WHO was formed.

If you want to be an atheist knock yourself out, stop boring us with this religion did this and that politics.


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