Paul Levy’s, “The Turtle who lost his shell” (1995) is a picture of our reality today; clearer than crystal, truer than the mirror. Little Bunny, the turtle, needed a place to hide his carrots and was happy to share his shell. Unfortunately, he forgot to get it back. Then, he got to know why his shell is special.

In the 21st century, man’s quest for freedom, peace, and happiness has stolen his honour and dignity. No creature on earth has suffered from Western civilization as much as women. Daily, our Western-influenced system continues to degrade women in the guise of freedom, civilization, peace, and equality.

There is fire on the mountain that needs more serious attention than the Amazon’s. The value and dignity of women are drastically reducing and very few are talking. The sanity, thought process, and honour of the womenfolk are in danger but no one is calling their attention to the twisted and misleading definitions of the terms mentioned earlier.

The evil that has befallen Africa, found its way into India, the Middle East, the whole of Asia, by extension. I need not mention the West as it is the source of the ‘Jezebelic’ and ‘Delilahic’ disease laced with honey, yet, worse than cancer.


Rahaf Mohammed


When Rahaf Alqunun now Rahaf Mohammed, the Saudi Arabian girl who fled from her family and was received in Canada, I told myself that, “this is the beginning of another loss of dignity”. Shortly after her ‘freedom’, the Western Media were quick to turn her into a celebrity and did not hesitate to tell us she now enjoys wine and eating pork. How pathetic!

Zaira Wasim and Bollywood

Zaira Wasim – Former Bollywood Actress

Bollywood or whatever time of wood it is, is another portrayal of the evil that has befallen the 21st Century. In the early 2000s, we enjoyed Indian movies produced in the early, mid and late 1900s. However, our eyes did not have to suffer from nudity, pornography. No credit to Zeeworld – Extraordinary silly every day!

Zaira Wasim was a former Bollywood actress who left the industry in July 2019. Listening to her reasons for quitting gave me much joy that hope is not lost. In the article I wrote, ” Zaira Wasim leaves Bollywood; between Right and Wrong“, I shared some tweets, even from a so-called Muslim calling for her head.

Zaira, 18, best known for her role in the 2016 movie, ‘Dangal’, said,

“This field indeed brought a lot of love, support and applause my way, but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance, as I silently and unconsciously transitioned out of ‘imaan’”

“While I continued to work in an environment that consistently interfered with my ‘imaan’, my relationship with my religion was threatened”




Mia Khalifa – Former Porn Actress

I was heartbroken and struggled to watch a 7mins: 11secs long interview Mia Khalifa had on BBC HARDtalk. The Lebanese-American was a pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015. She began to act in the porn industry in October 2014 and in December of the same year, she had become the hottest and most viewed porn-star on a porn website.

She was not the conventional porn actress, she went as far as acting porn with a Hijab porn. Back in Lebanon, she faced great criticism but the liberals and the Western world saw nothing wrong in the actions of the then 21-year-old.

“Goddess, sexiest, Arabian Angel, Arab beauty”, she must have been called. After three months, she left the industry but the shell was lost already. The videos cannot leave the internet. The nudity is glued to the brain of many of her fans.

I pitied the young woman while watching the interview. Stephen Stackur must have felt the way I felt. Mia, as a young lady had a self-esteem problem and the porn industry had invited her. In her own words, she said she feels like she has no privacy and she feels like everyone could see through her clothes.

I quite admire her for summoning the courage to leave at a time when she was a sensation. Even after that, her fans will never stop saying she left the industry due to threats from ISIS. How sad! It is a crime for a young woman to question her value and dignity. Unfortunately, Mia Khalifa is our little bunny who lost his shell before realizing how important his shell is.



In Africa, we seem to be madder than the originators of the madness. It would take a book to write, in details, the madness that has engulfed Africa in the name of Civilization alien to the moral foundation of the African Culture.


After writing the heading above, I folded my hands and was lost in thoughts for a few minutes as I do not know where to start or how to make it brief lest this article turns into an encyclopedia. I could have started with old and young, ‘alfas’ and pastors, ‘ajanasi’ and choirmaster dancing to a music that normalizes masturbation, cybercrime but I am tempted to start with how men in music videos cover up but the women are nude.

In fact, a singer had gathered lots of women and started giving their buttocks different names yet they keep wiggling and twerking. He is no Jason Derulo. If an artist is not describing a woman’s breast, he is describing the buttocks. The bottom line is that women are at the receiving end. It gets worse when one gets to know these women are paid peanuts in exchange for their dignity.

Hey! Kilimanjaro is burning but the women modest women of Tanzania are sleeping! Olumo is in flames but Funmilayo Ranson-Kuti is not around to call the women of Egba to action! Day by day, the dignity of the African woman depreciates.


Tueh! See them! Shoes, Bags, iPhone, and food – no sense; nonsense! The desperation of a reasonable amount of women to go naked in our world of today calls for alarm. For the religious folks, it is important that you keep your brothers in Benin, Edo State in your prayers. Those guys are trying. Many there are just a step away from going totally naked.

How can I say I have written on this madness when I have not mentioned how some women have an irritable skin colour combination. While some are like tiger stripes, some have complete Coca-Cola-coloured legs and a Fanta-coloured face.

I and a friend met a woman who was blinking uncontrollably. Honestly, I started pitying her till she apologized and said it is ‘something something’ she ‘put in her eyes’. “Fashion na im wan make she blind herself? Mtcheeeeew!”, I said to my friend.

Who will save the African Woman from this jargon?



Beyond doubt, this is one of the most difficult times to raise a girl child. Though it is true that in some cultures, the infant girl child used to be killed, but, how civilized have we become if they are still killed psychologically.

Children of today will not believe India won Nigeria 99-0 in a football match except you show them a YouTube video of that match or at least, pictures. That said, Muslim parents need to, on their part, understand pristine Islam so they could engage their kids and convince them logically and ‘scripturally’ – Qur’an.

It takes a totally convinced Muslim child to be a Firdaus Amasa. There is a lot of pressure out there. If they are not yanking off their Hijab, they are calling them Masquerades, oppressed, victimized, jailed, etc. It saddens me that the average Muslim lady needs to put in extra effort to be at the top of her game as whatever flaw she has would be blamed on her ‘Muslimness’.

The Muslim girl child needs to be constantly told that she is beautiful in her hijab. She should be taught and convinced so she wears her Khimar or Niqab with utmost conviction. To a reasonable extent, what we have today is a devolution of everything morality encompasses.

A woman is not a successful woman today (for being a good wife) until she appears on the TV crying in the name of singing or loses her shell, like little Bunny.

My dear Muslim women, do not be little bunny, do not be a Mia Khalifah.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman