Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan China, China had been the focus of the world. The deadly virus has infected hundreds of thousands of Chinese people and hundreds killed.

A video had surfaced online with the claim that the Chinese President, Xi Jinping visited a Mosque to plead with the Muslims to pray against the Coronavirus. Recall that the Chinese Government had been oppressing the Ughyur Muslims; therefore, it is rational to think that the President had gone there to plead with the Muslims against the Virus which some consider to be a punishment on the Chinese people for the oppression of the Muslims minority.



The video had been around since 2004. In the video is Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. In a five-day trip to China, Badawi visited Na Xia Po’s Mosque in Beijing and took part in the Friday congregational prayer.

Badawi was the Malaysian Prime Minister from 2003 – 2009.

Different videos have been shared with same captions that suggest Chinese President visited a Mosque to seek prayers over Coronavirus. The most popular is one with the AP logo on the top right corner.

The same video was uploaded on the Youtube Channel of Associated Press Archive on July 15, 2015 with the caption, “PM visits Mosque in capital”. The description also reads, “On the second day of his five-day trip to China, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi visited Beijing’s Nan Xia Po Mosque and took part in Friday prayers”.

The details of the video were found in a link (found in the description) to the AP archive website. According to the website, the video dates back to May 28, 2004.


Conclusion: The caption is false and the Chinese President did not visit any Mosque over Coronavirus.





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