The KnowIslam Project visited the woman whose husband was found dead at the mortuary following a head-to-head collision he had with a bike man. The deceased left a heavily pregnant wife. We saw to the immediate release of the man’s body from the mortuary, provided funds for the burial, saw to the wife’s delivery, the naming process as well as clothes for the new child.

On our visit to the woman, we saw the poor condition of the young mother, the helpless condition of the family and also had access to the late brother’s properties which are a spoilt bike and a terrible phone. The young lady needs our help to, at least, stand on her feet and provide basically for her and her child without being a liability to an already poor family.

When we got there, we saw two clothes tied on the child’s wrists with one of the elders saying the child cries and they had to cut off part of his late father’s clothes, tie on his wrists to stop crying. AlhamduliLlah, we removed the clothes immediately and took some time to lecture them on Tahweed.

We intend to raise the sum of N100, 000 for her to get a shop and start a mini provision store.


A sickle cell woman needs help; she has not only been kicked out of her house with husband, but she also stays in her parent’s house while the husband stays with his parents.

A failed attempted business by the husband, a wife’s health, and a child’s hospital bill have rendered the family helpless. The husband earns N25k monthly and the wife despite her incessant sickness took a job for the ridiculous amount of N10k a month – with two kids.

We intend to move them to an apartment and contribute to the wife’s business not just for the sake of basic needs but also to fall back on during health crisis without necessarily taking loans that have overwhelmed the family.

Help us raise the sum of N150, 000 naira for the family.

Kindly send donations to;

0113094562 UNION BANK (KnowIslam Project)

Add either Widow or Sickle Cell to indicate where your donations should be channeled.

The widow says in Iwo, Osun State while the Sickle Cell Woman stays in Offa, Kwara State.

For more information;

Umm Muslimah: +234 813 057 6726

Hajj Daud: +234 803 447 8781

Ameenah Qaasim:  +44 7424 486645

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman: +234 701 577 9491


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