You get Liver o!

Some things happen that one would think that this country belongs to the Christians. I was going from Osogbo to Ikirun to get a bus to Ilorin today when a young lady (a teenager) got on the Korope (mini-bus).

Not up to a minute after she got on the mini-bus, she told me she would love to share the word of God with me. “Insolence!!!”, I said to myself. “You want to share the word of God with me despite my beards and my seeming oversized Jalab, no thanks to the weight I’ve lost?

I asked her, “why do you think I need the word of God? What makes you think I should be preached to?”. She replied by saying we have to preach the word of God to everyone and I said, “Okay o, continue”.

Glad, she quickly asked, “Sir, please, who is Jesus Christ to you?”. I chuckled then replied, “Jesus Christ was a prophet, slave and messenger of God who was sent to the people of Israel according to the book of Matthew 10:5-6 and Matthew 15:24. Jesus asked his disciples to go not into the house of the gentiles nor Samaritans but to the lost sheep of Israel and he also said to a woman that he was sent only to the lost sheep of Isreal”

She replied, “Jesus was sent to the world, to the lost sheep” and I replied, “The world of Israel and Lost sheep of Israel naani”

She dropped at the next bus-stop. Imagine being on the same bus with the pope and I want to preach to him. And we think they are tolerant!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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