As salaam alaykum warahmatuLlahi wabarakaatuhu,

A sister whose effort in Da’wah we acknowledge urgently needs our help. The sister has an enlarged fibroid that needs to be surgically removed, as a matter of urgency.

The fibroid is so large that the sister has a protruded stomach like she’s pregnant, but she’s not. Attached are pictures of blood clots that have fallen from her body. SubhanaLlah!

She’s in her mid-thirties and is having problem with pregnancy as a result of the fibroid. She and the husband have spent a lot and have no home due to the problem. They moved in with a friend of the husband.

She urgently needs to be operated. We seek the sum of #200, 000 naira for her. The surgery is to commenced immediately.


Kindly send your donations to;

0113094562 UNION BANK (Knowislam Project)

For information about the sister and surgery, contact;

Mubarak Adepoju: +234 809 944 7099

Badmus Awwal (Uptown): +234 806 213 5408

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman: +234 701 557 9491

Wednesday, 27-05-2020





RE: Help A Sister In Distress: To Remove Large Fibroid

Help A Sister In Distress: To Remove Large Fibroid

The money being solicited for the sister that needs the enlarged fibroid has been completed.

The sister is very grateful and sends her prayers. May Allah reward everyone who donated, shared and intend to donate. JazakumLlah khayr

The KnowIslam Project


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