— Sanni Kay Yusuf 

Jurisprudencial matters which have no scholarly consensus from time immemorial shouldn’t heat up our mosques. I urge our brothers not to prove more intelligent than the custodians of knowledge.

The hadeeth urging Muslims to fast on Arafat day as expiation for 2-year sins is incontrovertible. The one forbidding us to single out Saturday for fasting is as well indisputable. May Allah keep His mercies showered on our model, Muhammad.

Where scholars are of different views regarding this issue is where Arafah or any other special day (Muharram, Ayyaamul bid etc.) falls on a Saturday. While some hold that fasting Arafah on a Saturday is not permissible given the hadeeth aforementioned, others say doing so is permissible since the fast falling on the day isn’t out of personal volition.

The above summary is an indication that our scholars – past and present – aren’t on the same page on the issue. And each party has a formidable foundation upon which their claims are laid.

I, in my small studentship head, give to the view that fasting Arafah on a Saturday – or even a Friday for that matter – is permissible. Therefore, whoever wants to fast come Saturday 9th Dhul-hijjah, 1440AH (i.e. 10th August, 2019) should feel free to do so. And whoever desires otherwise should enjoy his three-square meal for the day.

Our mosques should not be heated up with inexpert arguments, after all, those who have the expertise aren’t on a single page.

May Allah accept our ibaadaat and our good intentions.


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