Hello Mr. Bachelor

Hello Mr. Barchelor?,

How is the climate you are ‘Pyrating’?,

Have you glanced through before *Gyrating’?,

Who’s the new spinster on your’ Radder’?,

She must be a Maga you could climb like ‘Ladder’,

I hope the sky remains the ‘Same’,

For you’re a Dog that’s not ‘Ashamed’,

They told me you have a new ‘Internet’,

And it’s called the blue ‘Spinsters-net’,

As you keep swimming in their pool of ‘Life’,

You never thought of choosing a ‘Wife’,

Since you claim to have the *Swags’,

And proclaims to be the ‘Brag’,

For it’s hightime you got ‘Married’,

Your old kiths are too ‘Worried’……



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