by Johnson Ayomide

Aqeedah comes First,

For it could quench the worst Thirst,

As I grew up devoid of proper Aqeedah,

Same sickness means they could be worst to the leaders of Al-Qaedah,

Instead of giving my self a quick re-Birth,

I focused on all the goodies on Earth,

They must not schooled by the Missionary Schools,

So they do not grow like the Dictionary Fools,

They must be taught to love Allah,

And in no form associate with him any god,

They must be told to hate Music,

For it would only make their heart to fall Sick,

Rather than studying and copying Suarez or Senderous,

Knowing and loving the Sahabah would make them to be Ponderous.


Oh Allah!

Help us with our unborn kids whose love Paradise would overpower their love for this world.

Children who will be a source of Joy to us here and thereafter. Ameen


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