Christianization agenda in Nigeria is real and it did not start today. Sadly, Muslims (in the name of tolerance) have accepted what should be frowned out, consequently, becoming marginalized. On the other hand, Christians are very hostile to Islam even when a Muslim does what does not affect their religion.

Mrs. Amope Ajibola Chokor is a perfect representation of the radical Christianization course of the Christians.

Mrs. Amope, Ogun State Head of Service was paid a courtesy visit by the Ogun State Chapter of Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUS). Shockingly, it was discovered that, she strategically placed two banners in her office with captions, “Jesus reign and rule here” (sic) and “Jesus loves you”.

While the “Jesus reign and rule here” should have read, “Jesus reigns and rules here”, there are suggestions that, perhaps, ‘Jesus’ in the banner connotes, “The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit”

Ironically, when we raise issues like this, we are called extremists. In fact, one Facebook, a Christian had asked a Muslim to leave religion out of this – to be more accepting, tolerant and not trouble-minded. What an irony! Mrs. Amope is a good example of a religious fanatic and extremist.

Mrs. Amope is a representation of the several aggressive crusades ongoing using Christians in top positions. In fact, many of them make practicing Islam difficult for the Muslims who are under them.

This is to bring to the attention of the Federal Government and the public that Mrs. Amope Ajibola Chokor’s banners are insensitive and disrespectful to the public office she holds; in a nation that consists of adherents of different religions.

Therefore, we call on the appropriate authorities to address this situation lest public offices become evangelical ministries and Jihad grounds.


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