The piece you are about to read are not my words, but a word for word transcribed of an acclaimed Christian Apologist, Simon Barminas

This Christian Apologist was caught in the act!

For those that were opportune to witness one of our Ramadan Public lectures held in Abuja, Nigeria, you will remember this same Simon Barminas who changed from Desire Barminas to Simon B. Waziri on Facebook just to deceive the look warms

At Gwarimpa, Abuja-Nigeria , he was seriously humiliated and refuted.

And after being thoroughly refuted, he has been so restless, disturbed, worried, sorrowful, sad, mourning, groaning, crying, etc and been looking for ways to make up for the intellectual mayhem he suffered

Yet he never got any positive result as Allah kept exposing him.

At a point in time, he sent a spy to Eneye Ahmad’s WhatsApp group, “Who deserves our worship” where they copied Muslim Brothers and Sisters Phone numbers and added them to a satanic and blasphemous group without their consent

In that group, they do nothing but abuse insult, blaspheme Islam, Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim Ummah in general

Now, after being caught on several occasions thereafter, by Allah, he was frustrated to the extent of destroying the group himself

You can now listen to him on how he begins to confess and expose himself on how deceptive, malicious, satanic, wicked, and gullible he is.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, read the transcript of Simon’s confession and get the audio on our WhatsApp portal:

“Salaam Alykum. Alhaji Adepoju Yusuf, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma, Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman , Muhammed, Nafeesat and all the members of Acadip.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all

I really want to apologize for my actions on whatsApp.

What I did was wrong and completely wrong. And I seek for all of your forgiveness, to forgive me for all my actions.

First of all for telling one of my boys to go to Eneye’s group in

WhatsApp to copy some of the Muslims Brothers and Sisters numbers which he did.

That was wrong and completely wrong. And I want to ask Eneye Ahamd Jamiu Emma to forgive me for that action.

I also want to apologize to Muhammed I’m very, very sorry my brother for what I did, for the way I talked to you on whatsApp.

I understand that what I did was wrong and I use another person’s name to deceive you and lie to you, the name John.

I am very, very sorry for that I sincerely apologize. And also I want to apologize to Nafeesat the Muslim sister which I lied to and use the name Ibrahim, ex Muslim my sister is sincerely apologize from that and I apologize to all of you Acadip members whom I have maybe wronged in one way or the other.

I’m very, very sorry for that. I was the one who used the name John and also the name Ibrahim and I should sincerely apologize for that.

And I want to say that my faith had nothing to do with my actions. What I did was wrong I was completely wrong, I lied to you guys I used deception, I used every means to get you guys and talk to you guys, that was wrong and that is not the way we Christians teach our own faith, and that is the reason why I am apologizing to all of you to forgive you for my actions.

Maybe you might ask what is really the reason why I have to go this far and do all these things, you might ask is that the way we Christians preach our own gospel.

Is that the way they go about deceiving people, changing names and all that? I want to say no, capital no! we Christians don’t do that. I want to say that my actions have nothing to do with my faith and I’m very, very sorry for doing that.

And the reason why I acted the way I did was because I was angered by the way Alhaji Yusuf Adepoju go around confusing our young Christians brothers and sisters using the Bible to confuse them and asking them to accept Islam. That was one reason why I got angry and I went this far.

And also, another reason is because of the way Yusuf Adepoju go around insulting the Bible, saying all manner of bad things about the Bible just to make the bible look bad and make our young Christians who don’t understand the bible very well to accept Islam. And I have watched the videos where he insults not even my own Bible, but his own creature.

He insult his creator, he insult the Bible, he insults everything about Christianity. We Christians, we don’t Quran to propagate religion by condemning it, by doing all manner of evil things just because we want to get people to accept our own faith.

And it is very unfortunate that the Muslim scholars, most of them cannot go without attacking the Bible even in the Mosque they go on attacking the Bible, calling us Kafurs, calling us all manner of names just because of our faith and our believe

I will tell you that a Christian Pastor will preaching his own message without attacking any faith and he will get converts who will accept Jesus as their personal lord and savior. And also I want to implore Mr. Yusuf Adepoju, the Qur’an say that you should go and ask the Christians if you are in doubt about anything, you should go and ask the Christians and Jews if you don’t understand anything about the previous revelations which is the Torah and the Injeel.

Please I want to tell all the member of Acadip that this is a command by Allah that they should go and ask the Christians so that they will be cleared on anything they don’t understand about the Injeel, and it is in the Qur’an, and that is command by Allah.
The Qur’an never said that you should attack previous revelations.

The Qur’an never said in any place that the Bible is corrupt, and that the bibles have contradictions, variations and what have you.

You Muslims, you were the one who were accusing the Bible of that, the Qur’an completely gave a full support to the Bible by confirming it and Allah promised to guide and save it from any corruption.

And it is quite unfortunate that Muslims today attack the Bible, crucify the bible, say all manner of evil things about what Allah promised to guide, what Allah promised guide, what Allah promised to save, what Allah promised to preserve. It is quite unfortunate.

And I also want to plead Mr. Yusuf Adepoju, please Mr. Yusuf, and give the Christian apologists the opportunity to debate with you. Don’t go around confusing the young Christians who are not knowledgeable enough about the bible.

Give the Christian apologists who study comparative religion the opportunity to debate with you, to dialogue with you, to discuss with faith you and allow the people to judge, and allow the people to decide on their own

If you are able to do that, I will really, really appreciate it. And not that you cannot……..continue reading



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