An evil indulgence

He was a wealthy businessman, a father to three beautiful children and a husband to a pious and humble wife. A respectful family man was what the world saw yet he had a dark evil indulgence, pornography. He would sit hunched over his laptop in his plush office for hours watching the filthiest of videos. His wife was aware of his addiction yet remained silent as he threatened her with divorce on numerous occasions. His thriving business was now on the verge of liquidation, his children were becoming disrespectful and rebellious, his house was to be auctioned and he was now a penniless and homeless man. The evil of his indulgence engulfed his soul and burned his life as well as the barakah from his business.

All her life she hated the thought of such filth being available so easily on the internet and television. She was a righteous wife and loving mother. A ‘romantic’ novel was given to her by her best friend so she read it and soon evil thoughts and desires entered into her mind and heart. She became fiercely addicted to reading and watching pornographic material. Her Salaah was neglected and soon she stopped all her ibaadah. She often indulged her nafs in texting strange men and woman on various dark sites. Her naked lifeless body was found by the police at a downtown hotel, she was raped and murederd. The darkness of her evil indulgence ruined her.

A student of hifz, he was the apple of his parents eye. Always brought home an excellent report card and never was he disrespectful or disobedient to his elders. His friends often sent him explicit WhatsApp videos and images in the form of a joke. He never did watch them until he was being labelled as a loser by his mates. He decided to watch just one erotic video and soon it captured his heart. The night he told his parents he was staying over at his best friend’s house was the night he visited a brothel and paid to lose his innocence to a prostitute. A month later he was diagnosed with being H.I.V positive. His submission to his nafs killed his soul.

An elegant new bride, innocent and beautiful. She was introduced to pornographic videos on the night of her Nikah. Her husband wanted and asked her to perform sexual acts that she was extremely uncomfortable with and acts that are forbidden in Islam. She never did tell anyone as she felt embarrassed and ashamed. It was supposed to be a regular dinner date with some of his married friends which soon shocked her as she realised it was not just a dinner party but a swingers party. She was now being forced to strip in front of his friends. She felt humiliated and her heart shattered. She escaped that night, yet the horror of it all broke her as her husband continued to force his darkness upon her. That night his best friend raped her as her husband watched as well as recorded was the night she pulled the trigger and ended her life and the life of their child growing inside of her.. He killed her soul and the soul of his unborn child.

Pornography is an evil and dark web designed by shaytaan himself to entice, entrap and enslave our Imaan. Today pornographic material is so easily and readily available even children can access this filth. WhatsApp, email, Facebook and the world wide web have videos as well as images of pornography which are circulated every second of the day. How would you feel if your ten year old son found you watching that dirty video your friend sent to you as a joke? Will it be funny then? How would you feel if your mother found you self-pleasuring and submitting to your nafs and desires? How would you feel if the last image you saw was that of naked people before your eyes shut forever? How would you face your Lord knowing you passed away in the state of filth and fitnah?

My dear brothers and sisters I urge you to stop hiding and running away from speaking to your family and even your children (age appropriate) about the evils of pornography. If you are watching this haram on television or addicted to it on the internet or know of someone that needs assistance and guidance please do speak up and seek help.

Pornography will steal your peace, rob your home of barakaah and happiness, enslave your every thought, shackle your soul and leave you sinking into its depths of evil darkness.

May Allah save us, our children and the entire Ummah from this disease that is spreading like wild fire engulfing all into its flames. Ameen.

Reflect on Qur’an 41V20-23


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