The word qadar means predestination. A Muslim believe that our journey is predestined by Allah but unknown to man and Jinn.

However, the word destiny is being grossly abused and misused in the society today. For example if evil befalls a man and the first thing that crosses his mind is his paternal grandmother who is a witch in the village. Subhanallah! But when good moments come, he attributes it to himself ( his efforts) then to Allah and says Allah has destined me for good occurrences.

Is this what qadar is?? No!! Believing that whatever happens to you either good or bad are all destined and the will of Allah is qadar. However, when good things happen, ceaseless thanks is to be given to Allah and the success attributed to him alone for He is the doer of whatever he wills. If humans must be appreciated, then go like “I give thanks to Allah, THEN, lagbaja the son of ojuju” rather than “I give thanks to Allah AND lagbaja the son of ojuju, to avoid placing Allah and His creation (who was only able to help by Allah’s mercy) on the same scale. So, attribute your successes and good happenings to Allah and accept it as qadar.

On the other hand, when trials beckon, as Muslims, it should be accepted by saying “inna Lillah wa ina illahi rojioon” surely, we are from Allah, and to him we shall surely return (Q2:156) with beautiful patience as commanded by Allah, “fasbir sabran jemilan” therefore, endure with a goodly patience (Q70:5) for surely, Allah is with the patient ones, “ina Llama ma’saabireen” (Q2:153). The seal of the prophet, (PBUH) was reported to have said “ Ina maa sabr ‘inda sadmati il ula” The best of patience is when calamity first befall.

Therefore,when a Muslim is tried by Allah, such trials should be dealt with calmly and patiently with the believe that it is from Allah alone and only Him can remove it, rather than attributing it to the witches and wizards within or outside the family. 
However, this should not jettison our believe that evil doers exist. So, we should always seek protection from their evil plans through various adhkar taught by our prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).


Lastly, believe in qadar either good or bad is one of the six articles of faith in Islam, which means deficient in this aspect of the deen can make our Eeman shaky and questionable.

May Allah (S.W.T) make our understanding of the deen easier and not burden us more than

we can bear.





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