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…….debate Isang because he wrote a book, “My case against Allah” which you look as a blasphemy or which you see as a blasphemy to you.

I want to tell you that there are lots of Muslims who have written so many bad evil Books against the Christian faith and I believe you too have done that. And if you have not done that, you also criticize the bible, and also insult your creator in the bible. You insult the Bible, you insult your creator. That is a blasphemy and that is very, very wrong.

I still want to plead, give the Christian apologists the opportunity, give them the opportunity to debate you. Let the people see where the truth is. If you are really sincere about your preachings and all that, give the Christians opportunity of dealing with you, of finding out the truth, if you are really sincere wiith your self
I believe all the Christians you convert to Islam are all baby Christians!

There is no single one who is an apologist, who understands the bible very well and knows your own scripture. You are afraid of those who know your scripture because of fear of getting exposed! You afraid of those who know your scripture because they might expose some of the things which you don’t want them to expose and that maybe will be the end of your business you call Acadip

I want to say here that I have no bad intention against any member of Acadip. I have no bad intention against anyone.

What really prompted my action to use another person’s name, to use so many deceptive ways to do all these things is never and never; let me say it has nothing to do with my faith.
It was pure anger!

The anger of not allowing Christians opportunity to debate with you!

The anger of how you criticize the bible ignorantly!
The anger of how you convert our young Christians to your religion!

Mr. Yusuf Adepoju, I want to say that I don’t hate you and I don’t hate any of your members. I am a Christian, I was taught to love and to care. I love all member of Acadip with all my heart.

I have no grudge against anyone. What I did was wrong and I sincerely apologize for that.

Thank you all for listening. My name is Simon Barminas. Thank you. God bless you all”




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