Ajisafe Ashim

(Abu Mujaahidah)

Only if you know
Say not a word about her world
I have been there
Where Sarah is the whisper world

How big are your eyes
Then your mind to comprehend
How wide are your ears
To hear words and whispers still tend

When silence beclouds the earth
Tides of thoughts are waves of whispers
That blow slowly into Sarah’s heart
Coming with devils making mind despairs

She wants to be in her own world
All alone engrossed with lots of thoughts
Bringing no other soul on board
Sarah could be here thinking for months

She would want to take her own life
Frustrated! She thinks ill of living
‘living could be better in the afterlife ‘
Hisses her mind. I would be leaving

Let me wait more may be
There would be a better day to die
Empty would be it, I still wish to see
The sight could fetch you more water before saying bye

To you alone O dear mind
Shall I say Bye when it is time
You are the only true friend I find
In this world of hate and crime

Who shall I find when I travel beyond
Cherry-pickers, haters and the dark end
Fakers of love or friends like you abound
Whisper into my ear O mine friend

Little Note:

Sarah is a depressed teen. There are many of them around the world. The adults are not left out too in the whisper world. And the aged have been seen living therein.

You don’t need to be named Sarah at birth, if you are depressed and you often talk to yourself you are a Sarah and only one tablet I have found for you. The tablet, so therapeutic so effective, it is Al-Qur’an!- The holy book of the Muslims



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