A man informed his wife of his desire and readiness to bring in the second queen. The woman disagreed outright and vowed to do worse than shaytān if he tried it. The matter degenerated such that they could not but approach their imām for arbitration.

“Yā imām, read my lips, sir, if he tries making that nonsensical desire a reality, I will ‘kill’ him and ‘kill’ the lady,” threatened the woman. Honestly, that would be the worst I would ever hear from a Muslim sister who, to many ladies, is considered a role model. I was not only shocked but was greatly disappointed. The shock, realistically, wasn’t because she opposed to her husband’s polygyny steps (most women would do that, after all); the shock was rather as a result of the clueless, impious statement blabbered by her.

I did all within my pedagogical reach to educate both parties and they finally left in peace.

One thing led to the other, later on, and the marriage finally hit the wall crumbled. It would interest you to know that the woman who had threatened to cease the breath of her husband and that of the then incoming wife was later married to another woman’s husband – as in, she became a second wife elsewhere, hmm! Did you get me at all? I mean she was wooed by a ‘married man’ (like her then husband did) and she accepted. Could it be that she accepted to be ‘killed’ by the man’s wife like she could have probably done then? When I challenged her why she would do to another woman what she was hell bent and vowed never to accept from anyone, she said she later realized how wrong she was. I told her I would tell the world her story so our sisters could pick sense from it and she agreed.

The lady, for me, deserves no abuse. May Allāh forgive her. You see, you don’t know what pain is until you are hit by it. Coronavirus is better imagined than get struck by it. Many who sang the ‘na lie’ song later changed the lyric when they got infected by the deadly disease.

Allāh knows us more than we know ourselves. He would make no legislation except that it be beneficial to us. The rationale behind the divine legalization of marriage to more than one woman (maximum of four) is huge. Until reality dawns on some of our sisters, that part of the Qur’ān is usually passionately discountenanced. I just pray those guilty of this among them aren’t considered disbelievers already. This is because contravening any Islāmic law – from the Qur’ān or Sunnah – is an act of kufr (disbelief). May Allāh save us from such.

Sanni Kay Yūsuf


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