One of the trending issues tearing marriages apart today is how much to be dropped for cooking.

Marrying a woman is no big deal. Feeding her – appropriately – is the issue. That’s why those who seem to exceptionally love each other before marriage get easily separated few months or years into their union.

Cooking is the woman’s duty. The money to make it realizable is the man’s responsibility. One of the ways to show the woman she is genuinely loved is to provide her with enough money to cook – money from which she can even have daily or weekly savings. Whoever does so to make his wife happy will definitely reap the gains in manifolds.

If cooking would take #1500, for instance, the man might give out #2k or more so that she kept the remains for herself. Any husband who detests his wife making wealth from his sweat is considered tight-fisted. Give it to her. It’s a sign that you are reasonably responsible.

A stingy, mingy man isn’t worth a good, responsible woman.

The woman however should know when the man isn’t financially potent to do as usual. Where there is reduction in the amount for cooking, a good, reasonable, responsible woman covers up the loophole. She either adds it up (from all she had saved all the while) or manages the token given to her. The man may even be broke to zero, what a pious woman does is cover up the loophole (except she is as koboless as the man).

The woman should be down to earth at cooking. A fabulous wife should know how to spend #10k to cook, and of course she should know how to manage #1k or even #500 to prepare something relatively worthwhile for the family. Any woman who at these trying times does not have Cooking Management Strategies may not last, not only with her husband, but also with any struggling man.

It is imperative that our women go learn how to pragmatically, manageably cook with small amounts. They may visit their mothers or persons they know are fit for the tutelage.

I know that with #500, something relatively OK can be put on the table for the family, even though it may not go beyond one meal. Vegetables – gbure, soko for instance – can be gotten around free. Roasted panla (and/or its allies such as shawa etc), pepper and a few condiments can be secured with the money. Believe me, that will be succulent enough to take eba down the stomach. Sometimes, concocted okro, apon or ewedu soups may be the way to go with the token. There are areas snails are found like sand. This is a golden opportunity for the woman to make a #5k soup with just #500.

It is imperative too that the man be magnanimous when there is enough to cook with. And I don’t know how reasonable it is that he knows the number of pieces of meat or fish in the pot. That is barbaric to say the least. It’s my opinion, and I stand challenged.


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