Our sisters seem to have a lot of shocking secrets about our du’āt (callers to the path of Allāh) – secrets that when unravelled, their veracity is hardly, reluctantly believed.

Our sisters, in their women’s talk circles, do expose some of those ills and the evils involuntarily spread. When the names of certain du’āt are venerably mentioned, those who are familiar with the misdeeds of such du’āt tend to water down the reverence by opening up their known secrets. By that token, the former like the later become grossly disappointed.

May I loudly call on our shaykhs, imāms, alfas etc. who may be culpable as alleged to repent sincerely (or probably apologize to whomever they might have wronged among the sisters) and change their ways before their breath is ceased by the Angel of death.

Most pressing on our sisters’ list – as some have confided in me – is the act of taking advantage of their respect for them which sometimes lead to the unimaginable – partially and originally. It’s pathetic.

Let me state, unequivocally, that dealing with sisters require extraordinary, prayerful discipline, else you fall mockably from grace to grass and from sublime to ridiculous. Any dā’iyah (imām, alfa et cetera) who is uncontrollably libidinous should run far away from handling sister-related matters. This sounds impossible, but it’s achievable. Or better still, such a person should take the bold step of quitting the responsibility, if that’s the only thing that can make him stay safe.

Some of the sisters too, and I’ve no apology here, are the devil’s incarnates. They have hidden luciferous purposes for which they reach out to du’āt. They hide under certain sympathetic issues to get at their targets which sometimes result in sexting (sex-chatting) – a phenomenon Allāh greatly frowns at. By the time things do not work out as orchestrated, they seem to blow the trumpet within themselves with their own condemnable motives and advances concealed.

Naturally, our sisters love men with fame even if their pockets are as empty as a barren. They easily fall for men with prolific ink and oratory prowess even though they may be worse in character. They therefore stylishly, cheaply throw themselves at them sometimes in marriage or an undefined relationship. But by the time reality is dawned on them even before conjugal knot is tied, the song changes from praise to craze.

You see, both parties are guilty of the mess in question. Our du’āt should review their ways of dealing with sisters. They’ve got to be more disciplined and strategic. Sisters on the other side should help them by holding the shaytān in them.

Sanni Kay Yūsuf


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