He goes to the church, celebrate Christmas in the name of tolerance, yet, he is called a terrorist.

He parties and clubs, smokes, yet, they are not pleased, “why has he not abandoned his religion?”, they say.

To be accepted, he romances the meaning of Jihad, he twists the meaning of religious tolerance, yet, they say to him, “Why worship the Ka’baah?.

In Niqab, she raises a placard, joining protests against a pastor and her fellow protesters say, “why called for a ‘masquerade’? You don’t have a backless top and an above-the-knee short?

He is the lawyer standing for a school in Ibadan against Muslims over Hijab court case.

When we ask Muslims to beware of Trojan horses, he says, “but we need Muslims in key positions” till we produce the likes of Ilhan Omar who was at the forefront of attacking Brunei and Amina J. Mohammed, who, like the former, call for LGBTQ rights. He does not know they have apostated.

He asks us to understand Ilhan and Amina Mohammed because of the situation. Why would anyone force himself to a post that would lead to his apostasy? Is the Akhira no longer better than the Dunya? Who fights for the right of Muslims by disobeying Allah?

When it is said to him, “look at the several number of unmarried Muslims”, he proves his scholarship, looking for evidence to marry people of the book, 20 years later, his five children are Christians. May Allah guide them.

Anyone who really wants to please non-Muslims need to give up his religion, consequently, apostasy leads to hell. Giving up one’s religion here does not necessarily mean declaring that one is a Muslim, being Muslim without Islam is sufficient. What do we say of one who claims to be a Muslim but does not perform Salah?

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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