Prolific Muslim writer, lecturer and marriage counsellor, Imam Sanni K. Yusuf is set to launch his book, “My Sunnah Story (MSS)” which chronicles his journey from the days jahiliyyah (ignorance) to the Sunnah.

Alongside the “MSS” would be launched “INFATUATION (Lust in the Guise of Love)” which is a combination of fiction and reality. He wrote on his Facebook page:



“The much-awaited MY SUNNAH STORY (MSS) would be out for sale online on/or before Monday the 6th day of July, 2020. Coming out with it is another book, INFATUATION (Lust in the Guise of Love). This is another fabulous story that is both real and fictional. The two books are downloadable on our website (to be launched soon) after purchase.

Rest assured, dear lover-readers, that the two books would be charged at affordable prices. May our pockets be enriched in manifolds.

You would be guided on how to buy the e-books later, in shaa Allah.

Kindly patronize us by buying them. This way, you would be encouraging us to do more.

Thank you immensely.”


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